Shokz Holding Limited Shokz OpenRun Pro Mini, a small model with a 21mm shorter band, released today

Shokz Holding Limited
[Shokz] OpenRun Pro Mini, a small model with a 21mm shorter band, released today On October 27, 2022 (Thursday), the small model “OpenRun Pro Mini” of the Shokz high-end model “OpenRun Pro” will appear.

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Brand: Shokz
Model: OpenRun Pro Mini
Price: 23,880 yen (tax included)
Sales link:
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Tokyo, Japan October 27 (Thursday) – Shokz (formerly AfterShokz) will start selling a small model “OpenRun Pro Mini” with a band shortened by 21 mm from the high-end model “OpenRun Pro” on the official website from 10:00 today. You can choose between two colors, black and beige. Shokz’s high-end model OpenRun Pro is equipped with proprietary Shokz TurboPitch (TM) technology and has been well received as a new generation flagship bone conduction earphone with enhanced bass reproduction capability.
This time, the newly released OpenRun Pro Mini has a band that is 21mm shorter than the conventional OpenRun Pro. This allows customers to choose which size fits best.
[Image 2d96332-13-dae6a9fb8c0fb34fc4d9-1.png&s3=96332-13-8376c574679472fb96da9b7f267e8759-1800x1800.png
While maintaining the performance of OpenRun Pro, it has been made smaller and lighter, so it can be worn securely and stably even on a small head. Especially recommended for those who prefer a snug fit on the head.
The ninth-generation bone conduction technology has two CoreCushions (bass enhancement units) placed inside the transducer to achieve the same clear mid-high range reproduction as before, as well as deep bass reproduction.
[Image 3d96332-13-aaf73441601d4d43c54e-4.jpg&s3=96332-13-e19af90214661b99e78983b2c3a02549-3900x2194.jpg
In addition, dual noise-cancelling microphones are installed, so you can enjoy clear voice communication even during training. It also supports quick charging, and supports 1.5 hours of music playback with 5 minutes of quick charging. Up to 10 hours of continuous playback and continuous calls are possible in the full state.
In addition, it has an IP55 rating that keeps out dust and moisture, so it can handle harsh environments such as outdoor activities on rainy days and sweaty runs.
[Image 4d96332-13-d78ee224a7c132e7931c-2.jpg&s3=96332-13-69713076b5a23ab330f325b490eaf1d4-2048x1366.jpg
Shokz will continue to evolve bone conduction technology and support ways of enjoying music and voice communication that are not bound by conventional styles.
About Shokz
AfterShokz will rebrand to Shokz in December 2021. The new Shokz is a pioneer and leader in the development of bone conduction earphones that deliver practical sound quality at a reasonable price point within the reach of the general consumer. A unique audio technology suite and a fully open-ear design bring users both the best sound quality experience and safety. Since its founding in 2011, Shokz has always continued innovative design, keeping in mind product
development that places the highest priority on ensuring user safety. Details about this release:


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