Showtime 24 Co., Ltd. First in Hyogo Prefecture Showa Jutaku Group first introduced “unmanned preview system” using IoT for the first time in Hyogo Prefecture

Showtime24 Co., Ltd.
[First in Hyogo Prefecture] Showa Jutaku Group introduces IoT-based “unmanned viewing system” for the first time in Hyogo Prefecture – First introduction of “unattended viewing system” using smart locks to model houses and condominiums in Hyogo Prefecture –

Showtime 24 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Tatsuya Ichikawa) is a real estate guidance system that utilizes the IoT “Unmanned preview system”. We would like to inform you that it will be adopted and installed in the new detached house of the company (Headquarters: Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, President: Masayasu Konaka). This will be the first time in Hyogo Prefecture that this service will be introduced to newly built detached houses.
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【Corporate philosophy】
We will seriously face the happiness of all people involved in Showa Jutaku in their own way. We believe that our way of thinking is not to create a customer’s home, but to “create happiness” for each customer. We will continue to give shape to each happiness.
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【Houses built for sale】
The built-for-sale housing business has been the core of Showa Jutaku’s business since its founding. Underlying this is the unbroken policy of creating a home that people will be proud to live in, and we have always aimed to create a home that is friendly and strong to people. At Showa Jutaku, we strive to create beautiful townscapes so that customers will say, “I’m glad I lived in this house,” but also “I’m glad I lived in this town.” We are delivering
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[Background and purpose of introduction]
Until now, when trying to purchase a newly built detached house, it took a lot of time and effort for prospective purchasers to adjust the schedule for viewing the property and contacting and exchanging contact with the real estate company. .
In addition, against the backdrop of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there were many situations where it was difficult to provide guidance and previews of properties as non-face-to-face and
non-contact methods were required at real estate sales sites. By using the “unmanned preview system”, it is possible to unmanned a newly built detached house, which has been carefully built, so that you can easily view it at any time, regardless of whether it is on weekends or weekdays.
Also, in business expansion, it will be a solution to problems such as personnel problems and guidance to distant properties.
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[Outline of unmanned viewing system]
By utilizing IoT equipment, it is a system that allows you to safely and securely inspect properties even when there are no people present. For the real estate company that introduces it, it leads to labor saving and cost reduction, and for the user, it is possible to freely look for a house without hesitation.
On the web, make a reservation for “introspection” at the desired property at the desired time. A system that enables non-face-to-face viewing by directly visiting the site at the reserved date and time, tapping the unlock button displayed on the smartphone, and unlocking the smart lock of the property door.
Showtime24 Co., Ltd.
[Representative] Tatsuya Ichikawa, President and Representative Director [Headquarters] 1-15-40 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[Main business] Software development, unmanned viewing system, LEASE24, MUJIN24 portal site operation
[Capital] 30 million yen
[Established] May 2018
[Tel] 03-6812-9680
Showa Housing Co., Ltd.
[Representative] Masayasu Konaka, President and Representative Director [Head office] 117 Shinzaike, Hiraoka-cho, Kakogawa-shi, Hyogo [Main business] Planning, design, construction, and sales of condominiums/custom-built houses, condominiums/rental apartments, buildings, buying and selling, leasing, brokerage and management of real estate, remodeling, renovation, resort development, management of accommodation facilities Business, restaurant business, education business, etc.
[Capital] 200 million yen
[Established] November 1957
[Tel] 079-423-0050

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