Shueisha Co., Ltd. An online course service “HAPPY PLUS ACADEMIA” with the theme of “learning” from ge neral publisher Shueisha will be launched on Thursday, October 27, 2022!

Shueisha Co., Ltd.
Shueisha, a general publisher, will launch “HAPPY PLUS ACADEMIA”, an online course service with the theme of “learning”, on Thursday, October 27, 2022!
The catchphrase is “Adults are full of things they want to learn.” Even as adults, we have plenty of room to grow. In times of change. Relax your chest with excitement. A new service for adults who enjoy growth as much as they like!

From 13 digital media portal sites “HAPPY PLUS (abbreviation: Hapipla)” including “MORE”, “SPUR.JP”, and “LEE web” developed by Shueisha Co., Ltd., a paid online that makes use of its own editing and content power A service that delivers lectures will be born. Its name is “HAPPY PLUS ACADEMIA”, commonly known as Hapiaca.
[Image A business entity of Shueisha that provides digital services to users who are proactively searching for new “likes” by making use of the media network. Currently, Hapipla has about 3 million members, a total of 15.85 million users, and a total of 22.52 million SNS followers (as of the end of July 2022). *1) Shueisha official mail order site

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