Shufunotomo Co., Ltd. The cause of the malfunction may be iron deficiency! ? If you change your diet, your heart will also change. Released “Latest Edition Tabetetutunuke”

Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
The cause of the malfunction may be iron deficiency! ? If you change your diet, your heart will also change. Released “Latest Edition Tabetetutunuke”
Over 120,000 copies of the series. The latest dietary nutrition therapy bible of a popular doctor waiting for new outpatients for 2 years!

Shufunotomosha Co., Ltd. will release “The latest version of Manga to help you recover from depression. Eat and relax”
( on October 31, 2022 (Monday). did.
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Easy to get tired, unstable mood, unstable skin condition. The cause may be iron deficiency.
In this book, Tomoyuki Okudaira, a nutrition specialist who has been waiting for new outpatients for two years, teaches in an
easy-to-understand manner about meals and nutrition that are effective for mental disorders.
In particular, iron deficiency is related to many of the ill health conditions of young women. increase.
In addition, in this latest edition, we have significantly renewed “How to deal with carbohydrates” and “How to read blood test results that show your nutritional status”, which summarizes how to eat without causing a sudden rise in blood sugar.
Save the iron-deficient girl (Tekejo)!
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Iron is the most important nutrient for the heart. Even if you are not anemic, 90% of menstruating women are actually iron-deficient girls (tekejo).
A lack of iron not only affects your heart, but it can also lead to a “beauty crisis,” such as rough skin and hair loss.
I will teach you the signs of iron deficiency and the diet to supplement the necessary iron with a checklist and illustrations in an easy-to-understand manner.
how to deal with sugar
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I drink a lot of soft drinks, eat fast, and sleep lightly. How many do you fit in? 6 or more may be blood sugar dysregulation.
Many people complaining of heart problems tend to be “low protein, excess sugar”. We will thoroughly explain the new way to deal with sugar.
The story of eight people’s hearts getting out of trouble
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A cartoon introduces the cases of eight people who regained their mental health from depression, panic disorder, postpartum depression, etc. through dietary nutrition therapy.
How did you actually recover with diet, improvement of iron
deficiency, stabilization of blood sugar, and use of Chinese medicine? From the experiences of the eight people, you can understand how to do it and hints on life.
Author profile
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Tomoyuki Okudaira
Medical Corporation Hospital Vice Director (Saitama Prefecture) President of the Japanese Society of Nutritional Psychiatry
He named iron-deficient girls “tekejo” and depression caused by nutritional problems “nutritional depression,” and is raising awareness of the importance of “nutritional psychiatry”. We utilize the in-depth reading of blood test results from a nutritional perspective (blood nutrition analysis), etc., and practice medical care that incorporates diet, nutrition, and Chinese medicine according to individual constitution and pathology.
Bibliographic information
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Title: “Latest Edition: Learning from Manga: Recovering from Mental Disorders: Eating and Depressing”
List price: 1540 yen (tax included)
Release date: October 31, 2022 (Monday)
Format: A5 size, 208P
ISBN: 978-4-07-452587-4
Publisher: Shufunotomosha

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