Shufunotomosha Co., Ltd. JA Zennou Chiba x Shufunotomo presents! Singing with Keropons ♪ Dancing ♪ Enjoyin g food education ♪ “Omurice Sussu” picture book publication commemorative mini-concert report

Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
Presents from JA Zennou Chiba x Shufunotomosha! Singing with Keropons ♪ Dancing ♪ Enjoying food education ♪ “Omurice Sussu” picture book publication commemorative mini-concert report

Shufunotomosha Co., Ltd. will release on Saturday, October 29, 2022 by: Keropons Text: DJ Misoshiru and MC Gohan, first collaborative picture book “Omurice Susu” ( 4074516888) was held at Kashiwanoha Tsutaya Bookstore in Chiba Prefecture under the sponsorship of JA Zennoh Chiba. *DJ Misoshir and MC Gohan were absent due to poor physical condition.
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Keropons Left: Akiko Hirata (Pon) and Right: Yuko Masuda (Kero) On October 29th (Sat), a mini concert will be held at Kashiwanoha Tsutaya Bookstore to commemorate the release of the “Omurice Sussu” picture book. We paid close attention to measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
With the theme of “children sing, dance, enjoy, and eat”, Keropons welcomes us to read the “Omurice Sussu” picture book, panel theater, a quiz rally about rice, and the familiar “Ebikaniku” at the sports day for preschoolers. The concert was enjoyed by people of all ages. [Image 2

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In addition, participants will receive 2 kilograms of “Komesuke” rice from Chiba Prefecture, a signed picture book, and an eco bag. At the end of the event, we had time to take pictures with Keropons, and many customers came to visit us.
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【customer’s voice】
・There were many songs I knew, so I enjoyed it with my children! (30s) ・I was surprised at the 2 kilograms of rice that was given as a souvenir. I will make omelet rice at home right away ♪ (20s) [Image 6

Press conference for the media started after the mini-concert We asked the two of Keropons about the secrets of picture book production. Kero “This time, we received a theme of ‘diet education’ from the publisher, and they asked us to draw a picture for DJ Misoshiru and MC Gohan (hereafter referred to as Omisohan).”
Pon: “In the past, we had provided a song called “Raisussu” for an Omisohan CD, and we hit it off there. We like to eat together.” Kero: Oh yeah. This time, how about a picture book called “Omurice Sussu” that children love based on that “Rai Sussu”? That’s how we got into production.”
Pon: I wanted to make the main character Rice-kun, the kind of rice that children eat every day. He made a sketch based on it, but we were surprised by his drawing ability that exceeded our expectations.I thought he was good at making characters, but I thought he was a genius at still drawings of onions and peppers. Especially the ketchup shine on the cover looks really delicious.”
Kero: When thinking about the story, it was decided that Omisohan would be in charge of the illustrations, so I talked to Pon-chan about wanting to create a picture book that conveyed her character as a rapper, in other words, playing with words. I put the keyword “ketchup chap” first. Also, Mr. Hirata’s field that appears in the picture book is Pon-chan.”
Pon: That’s right. Ten years ago, I moved to Nagano Prefecture because I wanted to grow my own food and started farming. I decided to make it Mr. Hirata. It would be nice if we could convey the feeling that the vegetables and rice sold at supermarkets are made by people who put their heart into them, and that we are the ones who receive them. ” Kero: When we were talking about such a theme, Omisohan, with the cooperation of JA Zen-Noh Chiba, put the process of making a grain of rice on the first page. I would like you to imagine and know until it reaches everyone’s mouth.”
A food education picture book filled with everyone’s ideas in every corner. Rhythmic story development with tasteful character settings. Food that is made with all your heart will also help your body! Such “Omurice Sussu” was also a picture book to support producers. Keropons PROFILE
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A music unit formed in 1999 consisting of Yuko Masuda (Kero) and Akiko Hirata (Pon). He works on music and choreography for children, and performs more than 100 performances a year at parent-child concerts. His representative work “Ebikanikusu” is a classic gymnastics song that is popular in nursery schools and kindergartens. The total number of YouTube video views exceeds 250 million.
DJ Misoshiru and MC Gohan PROFILE
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Graduated from Kagawa Nutrition University. Based on the motto, “Delicious food is a miracle of mankind!”, Kuishinbo hip hoppers create their own tracks, lyrics, artwork, and music videos, and propose new ways to enjoy food and music. A misleading name, but one. Regularly appearing on the “music x cooking” program “Gochisong DJ” broadcast on E-tele.
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“What kind of shape was each until it became omurice?”
There are various processes such as production and processing before ingredients reach us, and they are supported by many people. The picture book “Omurice Sussu” was created with the hope that it would be an opportunity to deepen such knowledge.
If you follow the rhythm of the words and read on, the soft and creamy omurice will be ready♪
This is a food education picture book that you can learn about food and cooking tips while reading it with your family.
List price: 1,430 yen (tax included)
Format: B5 variant / 32 pages
ISBN: 978-4-07-451688-9
Release date: Thursday, October 27, 2022

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