Smart lock “Qrio Lock” series products won the “Good Design Award 2022”

Smart lock “Qrio Lock” series products won the “Good Design Award 2022” Qrio Pad, Qrio Key S, Qrio Card 3 products

Qrio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ikuma Goto, hereinafter referred to as “Qrio”), which sells “Qrio Lock”, which has the No. 1 share in the smart lock market for consumers, has released “Qrio Pad, Qrio Key S, Qrio Card” received the “2022 Good Design Award” sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. [Image 1

[Evaluation of judges]
With the diversification of lifestyles, we have entered an era where smart locks are used and variations in unlocking are required. This series of Qrio series is a product group that carefully responds to such needs from a universal perspective that is easy for anyone to use and easy to use. Qrio’s iconic truck theme is applied to the molding of each product, and the texture is highly refined. The group of products that felt total quality and their branding were highly evaluated.
-Good Design Award Official Website: [Product Summary]
These series make it possible to unlock with a card or PIN, and realize hands-free unlocking by standing still detection. Aiming for a “life without being aware of keys,” Qrio provides a universal unlocking method for elderly people and children who do not have smartphones.
Qrio Pad
Qrio Pad is a device that can unlock the entrance key (Qrio Lock) with a card or PIN. No construction required for installation, just stick it on the outside of the entrance with double-sided tape. Even those who live in rental housing can use it with peace of mind.
[Image 2d17139-65-830589acae8ec773792f-1.jpg&s3=17139-65-f0340042b3f1309bf13f5d9839f985bb-3900x2600.jpg
Qrio Pad
Qrio Key S
Qrio Key is a remote control key that allows children and the elderly to easily unlock and lock Qrio Lock. In addition, the high-end Qrio Key S is equipped with a hands-free unlocking function, so if you put it in your bag or pocket, it will automatically unlock when you stand in front of the door.
[Image 3d17139-65-cbfbb32b0aea5cacda2b-3.jpg&s3=17139-65-c89489af9b337c615463b9b233fc9a52-3900x2600.jpg
Qrio Key S
Qrio Card
It is a dedicated card attached to Qrio Pad. Since it’s a card, you don’t have to worry about where to store it, and you can unlock it just by touching the Qrio Pad. It is an item that can be easily unlocked by children and elderly people who do not have a smartphone. [Image 4d17139-65-53e666b2161863cbbafa-2.jpg&s3=17139-65-bd91113e3190c133c4ed06d30798a8c1-3900x2600.jpg
Qrio Card

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