Smart Scan Co., Ltd. Implemented “Smart Brain Checkup for Credit Saison” health support campaign for Saiso n card members

Smart Scan Co., Ltd.
Implemented “Smart Brain Checkup for Credit Saison” health support campaign for Saison card members
Offer up to 48% off the examinations provided at the medical check studio at a preferential price

Smart Scan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tohyaku Hamano, hereinafter referred to as Smart Scan), which supports the promotion of DX in hospitals and clinics, has announced that Credit Saison Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, We are pleased to announce that we have decided to jointly develop services for Credit Saison cardholders with Katsumi Mizuno, Representative Director, President and COO (hereinafter referred to as “Credit Saison”).
As the first step of the initiative, we will offer “[Limited to Saison Card members] Smart Brain Checkup for Credit Saison” for a limited time to promote brain checkups for Saison Card and UC Card members issued by Credit Saison. increase.
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・Registration for Net Answer/At You Net is required to use the discount. Only the cardholder himself/herself is eligible for the preferential price.
・Please use a Saison card for both advance payment and window payment. ・Platinum/Gold card members have different benefits, so be sure to log in with the Net Answer/At You Net ID and password of the target card. ・Preferential price (tax included)
[Table 2: ]
*General members: Members whose card rank is other than Gold/Platinum * Partially sponsored by Credit Saison
* Only the cardholder himself/herself is eligible for the preferential price. *For both advance payment and window payment, please use the applicable card for payment.
・Provided inspection menu
-Smart Brain Dock-
Head MRI and head/neck MRA can detect brain abnormalities without subjective symptoms such as cerebral aneurysms, cerebral infarction, and brain tumors at an early stage.
-CT pulmonary/cardiovascular checkup-
A CT scan takes a picture of the chest and allows a detailed examination of the condition of the lungs, heart, and blood vessels. This is a test to check for abnormal areas that lead to illness, including areas that are difficult to see with an X-ray examination. -Body fat test-
By taking pictures of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, we can determine how fat is deposited and its condition from specific fat mass values ​​and BMI (Body Mass Index) values.

About Credit Saison
Credit Saison Co., Ltd. began issuing credit cards in 1982, and has been providing new products and services with innovative ideas unconstrained by the conventional wisdom of the credit card industry, under the management philosophy of being a “leading-edge service company” for about 40 years. It offers.
It has approximately 36 million credit card members (including group companies), and currently aims to achieve customer success by fusing the real world and the digital world under the basic concepts of “Innovative,” “Digital,” and “Global.” We aim to evolve into a comprehensive life service group.
[Overview of Credit Saison Co., Ltd.]
・Company name: Credit Saison Co., Ltd.
・Established: May 1, 1951
・ Location: Sunshine 60/52F, 3-1-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo ・Representative Director, President and COO: Katsumi Mizuno
・Business overview: payment, leasing, finance, real estate-related business, entertainment business
・ URL:
About SmartScan Co., Ltd.
In order to realize a “world without getting sick”, we are promoting the creation of an environment for diagnostic imaging that anyone can easily undergo.
Through businesses such as the “Smart Brain Dock” service, we will contribute to the creation of time for many people to live healthy lives.
[Summary of Smart Scan Co., Ltd.]
・Company name: Smart Scan Co., Ltd.
・Established: February 2017
・Location: 2F Selva Ningyocho, 2-14-6 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ・Representative Director: Tohyakure Hamano
・ Business overview: Medical platform service “Smart Brain Dock” operation, introduction and operation support business of “Smart Brain Dock” for medical facilities participating in the MRI sharing economy service, clinic production business, collection and analysis of personal healthcare records (PHR) New business
・ URL:
Smart Scan promotes SDGs.
・Goal 3
Based on the corporate philosophy of “creating a world free of disease,” we are developing businesses such as the “Smart Brain Dock” service.
This will enable early detection and treatment of diseases, and contribute to raising people’s health awareness and preventive medicine.
・Goal 8
In order to realize sustainable growth and profits for the company, we will give top priority to health in order to improve employee productivity and sense of belonging, and contribute to job
satisfaction and corporate growth.
In addition, we aim to revitalize society as a whole by developing a business that creates a health checkup environment that is easy for everyone to receive.
・Goal 11
With the power of IT, we will enable a sharing economy model for advanced medical equipment and create an environment where people can easily receive brain checkups.
In addition, we will eliminate regional disparities in medical resources and contribute to regional revitalization so that people can continue to live with peace of mind.
・Goal 17
We will build a wide range of partnerships with doctors, medical facilities, individuals, companies and organizations, and protect the well-being of people and society through open innovation and industry-academia collaboration.

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