Snow Man Tatsuya Fukasawa appears for the second consecutive week on Poké Doko aired on October 23rd and 30th! !

Shogakukan Shueisha Production Co., Ltd. (ShoPro)
Snow Man Tatsuya Fukasawa appears for the second consecutive week on Poké Doko aired on October 23rd and 30th! !

A Pokémon variety show that travels around the world in a
Pikachu-shaped car “Dokokko Car” with Poké leader Ryogo Matsumaru, Poké rookie Hikaru Takahashi, driver Abareru and navigator “Cocker” (voiced by Shoko Nakagawa). “Where are you going with Pokemon!?” Pokémon-loving Snow Man Tatsuya Fukasawa will appear again on October 23rd and 30th!
[Image 1d2610-720-f8e1c8cd4290504c4655-0.jpg&s3=2610-720-0c1b8b2320324fc4dc172cc34aac3537-3900x2925.jpg
Autumn of art! So, Snow Man Tatsuya Fukasawa who puts on a beret and challenges the drawing message game
On the October 23rd broadcast, Fukasawa will challenge a drawing message game based on his favorite Pokemon card! In this game, each person draws a picture of the Pokémon on the Pokéka that the first person draws and tells the person next to them, and the last person answers what kind of Pokémon it is. Pokédoko member Fukasawa seems to be quite a genius, and a very artistic picture is completed… Can you guess which Pokemon it is? “Finally, a miracle no one could have predicted will happen!” ?
A must-see! “Is Fukasawa a little embarrassed?” (Secret) Photos are also open to the public!
[Image 2d2610-720-3548c4e85ccd28797461-2.png&s3=2610-720-5007bc57ae201cc5e5de09cb4233caad-1920x1080.png
Hikaru-chan, what kind of Pokemon are you drawing?
Matsumaru, who is not good at cooking, tried carbonara using Marumiya’s “Pokémon Corn Cream” at the popular corner “Poke Mogu!” “Teaching everyone how to make carbonara, which has a difficult image, very easily!”
[Image 3d2610-720-4ba3bc2003cdd78ef031-1.jpg&s3=2610-720-c14837e59bdb74d4faca39f671516ba1-3900x2925.jpg
Matsumaru teaches! “Easy carbonara!”
* Hikaru Takahashi’s “High” is “Ladder”.
“Where are you going with Pokemon?” Broadcast every Sunday at 8:00 on TV Tokyo! * Broadcast dates and times are different in some areas. *Program content is subject to change.
Regular appearances: Ryogo Matsumaru, Hikaru Takahashi, Abareru-kun, Shoko Nakagawa (navigator)
October 23rd broadcast Guest: Tatsuya Fukasawa (Snow Man)
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