SNS “Doratalk” for delivery workers releases a new function “Delivery item posting” (beta version)

canuu Inc. (canoe)
SNS “Doratalk” for delivery workers releases a new function “Delivery item posting” (beta version)
We will promote matching between delivery companies suffering from a shortage of delivery workers and delivery workers suffering from a lack of job options, resolving the labor shortage in the logistics industry.

The SNS “Doratalk” for delivery workers provided by canuu Co., Ltd. (Representatives: Arata Nagai, Takahiro Hamada, hereinafter “canuu”) has released the beta version of the new function “post delivery items”.
In “Delivery Project Posting”, it is possible to create a place where business operators who operate delivery businesses and delivery workers can connect on the app and request jobs and projects, realizing smooth matching.
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◆ Background of new function development
Growing demand for online shopping and delivery services has exacerbated the problems of delivery staff shortages and funding shortages in the light freight industry. The number of people who want to work or start a new delivery business is increasing year by year. and female delivery workers are expected to play an active role. While the need to secure a wide range of human resources is
increasing, the shortage of funds for delivery companies is also a major issue, and there are many companies that find it difficult to spend money on hiring delivery workers.
◆Released beta version of “Delivery Item Submission”
The SNS “Dora Talk” provided by canuu allows you to post “tweets” and “questions” on the app as a conventional function. Based on the existing functions, the “delivery project posting” to be released this time is being developed with the aim of creating a matching function that will make it easier for delivery companies to recruit jobs and projects, and for delivery workers to apply more easily.
With this function, it is possible to post and match jobs for free, and it is possible to approach young people, who are the main users of “Dora Talk”, without spending money.
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◆Details of the “post matter” function
Available completely free
Unlike existing job search sites and car search services, there is no cost from recruitment to matching. Of course, no fees are required. Write your contact information in the post and communicate directly with the applicant
When posting a project, please include your LINE ID and phone number, and after matching, you will be asked to contact the applicant’s delivery person directly from that contact.
Posting all projects is OK
Not limited to conditions, you can also request regular, spot, and same-day urgent recruitment.
Service coverage area is 47 prefectures nationwide
Couriers from all over the country have already registered with DoraTalk, so as long as they are matched, they can operate in any area.
◆ Plans for future feature updates
Based on the usage data of the recruiting business and the delivery staff, we plan to release a function that makes it easier to match. Feature in development
・ A function that allows you to find projects near your current location ・A function that allows you to describe and display project
information in more detail (hereinafter referred to as the image) [Image 3

◆ For those who wish to post on behalf of
For details, please contact (Hamada in charge). Once we have a hearing, we will propose a shape that meets your needs. About SNS “Doratalk” for delivery workers responsible for the last mile Dora Talk is an SNS application developed for delivery workers responsible for the last mile.
What you can do with Dratok
・ [Community] You can anonymously tweet and consult with delivery colleagues about work
・ [Delivery information map] You can check the delivery method of condominiums and facilities nationwide
・[Logistics news] You can see the latest news focused on the theme of logistics. For corporate customers, there is also a paid plan that provides customized functions according to needs.
Official website:
iOS app:
Android App: [Image 4d53924-3-24fdec02c0f1a478dfbc-0.png&s3=53924-3-0825de1c7383579acf78b385d5736e3f-1534x818.png
【Company Profile】
Company name: canuu Inc.
Representatives: Arata Nagai, Takahiro Hamada
Location: Room 702, Chugin Bell Tsukiji Mansion, 7-11-5 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Business description: Freight light vehicle transportation, planning, operation and development of “Doratalk”
Service HP:
Details about this release:


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