SoftBank-backed Jellysmack invests $30 million in WebTVAsia creators

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SoftBank-backed Jellysmack invests $30 million in WebTVAsia creators
SoftBank Group has invested in a strategic partnership between Jerry Smack, a U.S. company that manages popular video creators, and WebTVAsia, one of Asia’s largest MCN companies.
The SoftBank Group has invested in US-based Jelly Smack, which manages popular video creators, and has formed a strategic partnership with WebTVAsia, one of Asia’s largest MCN companies. Announced to invest $30 million (approximately ¥4.4 billion) in creators affiliated with WebTVAsia. WebTVAsia is one of Asia’s largest YouTube partner companies with over 880 million YouTube subscribers.
This strategic partnership is Jelly Smack’s most important investment in the Asian region, and with this funding, WebTVAsia will be able to expand its business by establishing a new studio, planning and selling creator goods, and supporting creators in producing high-quality videos. grow rapidly.
The partnership is part of a $500 million investment plan for JellyFi, JellyFi’s new creator finance arm to make creators’ dreams come true. Jellyphi is a program that allows creators to use Jellysmack’s proprietary algorithm to analyze the performance of their videos, predict future earnings, calculate the value of their videos and receive financial options. Creators will be able to receive upfront investment and be able to concentrate on their content creation activities.
Ezechiel Ritchie, Head of Asia Pacific at Jelly Smack, said, “Partnering with WebTVAsia and funding creators is a unique
opportunity, and WebTVAsia is a prime opportunity to get up to speed on what’s going on in Asia. We are partners.We will support the growth of creators through our creator finance program.The efforts of our two companies will have a major impact on creators in the Asian region, and more and more wonderful content will be created.” Stated. Fred Chong, Founder and Group CEO of WebTVAsia, said, “As a creator myself, the collaboration with Jelly Smack is a game changer that opens up new possibilities for creators by connecting Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. In the next six months to a year, we plan to announce new creator tools and solutions such as content NFTs, virtual identities for the metaverse, and Web2.5 monetization models.”
Jelly Smack continues to expand its business even after receiving Series C investment from Softbank Group in 2021, and it is expected that business expansion in the Asian region will further accelerate through this partnership with WebTVAsia.
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About Jellysmack
Jelly Smack is a global creator company engaged in the management of popular video creators, using technologies such as superior AI technology to discover the most talented and promising creators, multi-platform distribution, financial support, and data-driven. We support the growth of creators through the production of type content. Jellysmack’s comprehensive infrastructure provides all the solutions the world’s best creators need to save time, reduce risk and maximize the value of their content. Jelly Smack has top creators such as MrBeast, How Ridiculous, JianHao Tan, Food Kingdom, Junya, and PewDiePie.Using AI to discover promising creators, we will develop their rapid growth through multi-platform content optimization and distribution. supports growth. Jelly Smack was also named Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Company in Video” for 2022.
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About WebTV Asia
WebTVAsia is a digital entertainment company founded by award-winning producer Fred Chong. With a vision of turning creators into stars, we support a wide range of talented creators through platform
partnerships, content studios, brand solutions, social commerce and more. Currently, it has over 3,500 YouTube creators across Asia, with a total of 880 million YouTube subscribers. YouTube channels managed by WebTVAsia include 3 diamond channels (over 10 million subscribers), 198 gold channels (over 1 million subscribers), and 1130 silver channels (over 100,000 subscribers). It is one of the largest MCN companies in Asia. In addition, WebTVAsia has partnered with global media companies such as Google/YouTube, Meta, TikTok, Universal Music, Warner Music, and Tencent to actively cultivate digital talent in Asia.
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Person in charge: Keisuke Takagi
Prodigee Media Co., Ltd. (WebTV Asia Japan)
Phone number: 03-4567-6071
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