Sojitz Makes K Access, a Camper Manufacture and Sales Company, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Sojitz Corporation
Sojitz Makes K Access, a Camper Manufacture and Sales Company, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary
-Full-scale entry into the camper car industry with Camper Kagoshima-
Sojitz Corporation (hereafter, “Sojitz”) announced that in February 2021, it will establish a capital business in February 2021 in order to respond flexibly and swiftly to the rapidly growing and changing demand for camper cars and the diversification of customer needs. We will acquire 100% of the shares of K Access Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “K Access”), which we have an alliance with (*1) and which manufactures and sells campers and is widely recognized in the same industry under the “Camper Kagoshima” brand. The company name was changed to Sojitz Mobility Corporation (“Sojitz Mobility”), and Mr. Kawasaki, the former president of K Access, was appointed Chairman of Sojitz Mobility to continue expanding the camper car business. increase.

[Camper Kagoshima rem series exterior and interior]

The camper market is growing rapidly in the new lifestyle of “with corona, after corona”, and annual shipments have increased by about 45% in the three years from 2018 to 2021. In addition to conventional outdoor purposes such as camping and traveling, there are an increasing number of cases where people are purchasing with the expectation that they will serve as emergency shelters. In addition, it is attracting attention in a wide range of fields, such as office cars and medical cars such as medical beds and mobile examinations, and needs are diversifying. On the other hand, we are faced with the issue of prolonging delivery times to one to two years in response to strong demand.
Sojitz will utilize K Access’s industry knowledge and connections, as well as its strengths as a general trading company, to coordinate and cooperate with various companies in Japan and overseas to develop and expand its supply system and shorten delivery times.

In addition, by accelerating the spread of camper cars (*2), we will revitalize local areas by revitalizing car tourism such as the use of roadside stations, and introduce EV campers (*3) toward a decarbonized society. Aiming to develop business that contributes to solving social issues, we will promote the revitalization of the entire camper industry in cooperation with related companies and organizations (* 4).
(*1) Related news release: February 12, 2021
『Sojitz Forms Capital and Business Alliance with Camper Manufacture and Sales K Access』
(*2) We are planning to open an antenna shop in the Tokyo metropolitan area in October 2022 in order to make car tourism with campers more familiar.
(*3) A coined word for a camper based on an EV.
(*4) Mr. Kawasaki, the former representative of K Access, is the chairman of the Japan Car Tourism Promotion Association (JCTA), and is actively working to solve social issues such as regional
revitalization that society faces. I’m in.
[Overview of Sojitz Mobility]
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