SoLabo Co., Ltd. October 10, 2022 One-day matching event! “Minato Future Summit” to create the next generation of entrepreneurs from Yokohama Minato Mirai

SoLabo Co., Ltd.
[Held on October 10, 2022]-Students and managers-matching event for one day only! “Minato Future Summit” to create the next generation of entrepreneurs from Yokohama Minato Mirai
~ 3 venture managers + people in charge of financial institutions and entrepreneurship support in Kanagawa will be on stage! Interacting with students in Yokohama with his own entrepreneurial episode
SoLabo Co., Ltd. will hold the “Minato Future Summit” on October 10, 2022, an exchange event for students and managers. With the support of ATOMica Co., Ltd., this event was planned by four university students from Yokohama from a student perspective. In addition to learning about business through entrepreneurial episodes and failure stories, students can also learn about business through matching times between students and managers and exchanges between students. , we will provide a program that allows students to acquire “connections” that they can use in the future.
◆ Background
The rate of entrepreneurship in Japan was around 5% from 2001 to 2017, remaining at a low level compared to Western countries, and the rate of entrepreneurship among young people, including students, is particularly low. (Data: Survey by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Annual Report on Employment Insurance Business)
In the midst of such issues, four university students from Yokohama, who are the same students, held this matching event “Minato Future Summit” was planned.
I would like to support students so that they can fly to the future with hope in Minato Mirai, a livable city that has both a business base and a living base.
◆ Purpose and characteristics of the event
The purpose of this event is to increase the number of students interested in “entrepreneurship” in Minato Mirai, Yokohama.
In order to stimulate the students’ interests and curiosity, the program was designed to encourage active two-way communication rather than one-way communication between the management and the students during the event.
Another feature of this event is the ability to create “connections” between students through the event.
As the number of students connected with each other has decreased due to the corona crisis, there are many students who are worried about job hunting and their future lives. Four planning students also experienced the same thoughts while spending the corona misfortune. That’s why, for this event, we thought of a program that would allow students to find friends they would like to work with and build continuous connections in the future.
◆Event schedule
09:30~ Student gathering/reception begins
10:00~ Explanation of the purpose of the project and time schedule by the moderator
10:10~ Interaction time between students
10:20~ CEO introduction (panel discussion)
10:50~ Group work
○ 1 manager: group work with 3 students
11:20~ PR time from management
○ Information on student recruitment such as internships and new business proposals from management
11:35~ Matching time
○ Group interviews between managers and students
○ Management selects students who want to scout
11:55~ Event summary
12:00~ Event ends
After the event ~ Matching result notification

◆Introduction of speakers
1. Unicle Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Toshiyuki Takano Developing adult education business and talent management SaaS business ~Unicle II, a platform that visualizes the skills of each employee and supports their development, and Unicle Quest, a business that conducts various types of training in a live format that allows employees to autonomously choose, is highly effective for learning. .
[Image 1d44897-121-4995c405a00928306706-6.jpg&s3=44897-121-a419911023e7af91dd0affb6663d5296-850x765.jpg
[Image 2d44897-121-5c3b6341d5221bd30789-5.jpg&s3=44897-121-1a8870cabd91291d195dd15225cbaad7-3072x2048.jpg

2. Kitafuku Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Shoki Matsuzaka Manufacture of upcycled recycled paper “Craft Beer Paper” using waste materials -Recycled paper “craft beer paper” mixed with malt lees discarded in the manufacturing process of craft beer. Waste can be reduced by upcycling malt cake, which is costly and has a high environmental impact when incinerated due to its high water content.
[Image 3d44897-121-7bb8a17d1edb277c6db7-3.png&s3=44897-121-524095c44075bb5bd0d8c072d69016f7-500x500.png
[Image 4d44897-121-94b479815d3ea4313b57-4.png&s3=44897-121-9f9ffb8772a32c3690b5a88a3eee6a39-512x512.png

3. Picnic Room Co., Ltd. CEO: Kiyoko Goto
Proposing corporate workplace support by nursery teachers
~ Support the development of a system that realizes a better working environment by providing support by nursery teachers for the child-raising generation of companies. At the same time, it provides new options for childcare workers with limited career paths. [Image 5d44897-121-f2d512cb6f1467766245-2.jpg&s3=44897-121-17e2d14d1098082780f9e7d621f098c2-2180x436.jpg
[Image 6d44897-121-bcd3199ac7fe420f9303-1.jpg&s3=44897-121-a43ceab1110a96116af2a7c8b3c14d2f-2000x1333.jpg

◆Introduction of planning students
Ayuzu Nagashima: Third-year student at the Faculty of Education, Yokohama National University
Kasumi Tsunoda: Fourth-year student at the Faculty of Economics, Yokohama National University
Yonghua Lee: Fourth-year student at the Faculty of Economics, Yokohama National University
Hiroo Azuma: Yokohama National University, Graduate School of Environment and Information Studies, 1st year student
[Image 7d44897-121-2af088129191a2a0df8c-0.jpg&s3=44897-121-bf3f620a644e963cbfbf3b34e808cfc1-2048x1536.jpg

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