Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Kawagoe City, which celebrated its 100th anniversary, to revitalize the region and improve citizen services

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
Concluding Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with Kawagoe City, Celebrating 100 Years of Municipal Enforcement, to Revitalize Local Areas and Improve Citizen Services

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (President: Giichi Shirakawa, hereinafter “Sompo Japan”) and Sompo Himawari Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (President: Yasuhiro Oba, hereinafter “Sompo Himawari Life Insurance”) are working together to revitalize local communities and provide citizen services. On October 20, 2022, a comprehensive partnership agreement was signed with Kawagoe City (Mayor: Yoshiaki Kawai), which is celebrating its 100th anniversary as a municipal government, to revitalize the region and improve services for citizens in order to promote mutual cooperation in initiatives related to improvement. We hereby inform you that we have concluded
1. Background
Sompo Japan and Sompo Himawari Life are promoting SDGs initiatives as an insurance company that supports customers’ safe, secure, and healthy lives. As an initiative for that purpose, we proposed a collaboration with Kawagoe City to contribute to the revitalization of the region and the improvement of citizen services by utilizing our extensive network and specialized know-how in risk management. In August 2022, we held a disaster prevention class for parents and children for citizens, and partnered with the walking app “Linkx aruku” for the purpose of promoting the health of citizens and promoting tourism. Kawagoe City, Sompo Japan Insurance, and Sompo Himawari Life Insurance have decided to form a partnership with the aim of collaborating on community contribution activities that support security, health, and well-being by leveraging the extensive network and expertise in risk management they have acquired through their main business. A comprehensive partnership agreement has been reached. 2. Purpose of agreement
Kawagoe City, Sompo Japan Insurance, and Sompo Himawari Life will promote activities through close mutual cooperation and collaboration, respond quickly and appropriately to regional needs, and work to revitalize the region and improve citizen services.
3. Main contents of the agreement
 Sompo Japan and Sompo Himawari Life will form a business alliance in the following 7 fields where they can take advantage of their strengths and characteristics.
(1) Matters related to disaster prevention and mitigation
(2) Things related to traffic safety and crime prevention
(3) Promotion of health promotion
(4) Thing about elderly person support
(5) Thing about child care support
(6) Things related to tourism promotion
(7) Other matters related to regional revitalization and improvement of citizen services
4. About the future
Sompo Japan and Sompo Himawari Life will continue to cooperate with local governments to contribute to the creation of autonomous and sustainable societies that make the most of each region’s unique characteristics.
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