Sonotas Co., Ltd. Rich moisturizing for stiff skin. From the STEAMCREAM brand, which “simplifies skin care,” the “STEAM CREAM Frankincense & Pomegranate” series has become a standard and comes in a bottle size!

Sonotas Inc.
Rich moisturizing for rough skin. From the STEAMCREAM brand, which “simplifies skin care,” the “STEAM CREAM Frankincense & Pomegranate” series has become a standard and comes in a bottle size!
Simultaneous release of the popular 300g bottle type “STEAMCREAM Frankincense & Pomegranate”.

Sonotas Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Tone William Andrew / Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) advocates simple quality skin care and manufactures and sells “moisturizing” and “protective” products from the STEAMCREAM brand “STEAM CREAM Frankincense & Pomegranate” series. will be on sale from November 9, 2022 (Wednesday).
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Moisturizing moisturizing for stiff signs. Fragrance of frankincense and neroli. From this year, the highly moisturizing skin care item “STEAMCREAM Frankincense & Pomegranate” that gives you a sense of depth and luxury will become a standard item!
“STEAM CREAM Frankincense & Pomegranate” moisturizes the skin firmly while feeling the richness and luxury of a nodding cream on the skin. Both the inside and outside of the skin are prone to lack of moisture, and the smoothness of the skin surface is lost, making your skin soft and smooth. It also features a supple and smooth texture while being moist and highly moisturizing.
Highly moisturizing skin care that brings plenty of moisture to your skin with high-quality moisturizing while feeling the smoky, elegant, and slightly spicy scent of frankincense*.
*Nyukoju oil: Flavoring ingredient
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Steam Cream Seasonals
“STEAMCREAM Frankincense & Pomegranate”
[Moisturizing cream] 75g 3,300 yen (tax included)
Intensive care with a nodding and profound feeling to create firm skin. Turns dry, stiff and flaky skin into smooth skin like a layered veil. The rich texture and noble frankincense scent support the creation of special skin.
– The popular bottle type that can be used for a long time is also available for the first time! –
Plenty of 300g, 4 regular size cans in one!
The bottle type is easy to use with a pump and is perfect for taking care of your whole body.
In addition, it is very convenient to use simply by pushing it anywhere in the room, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or living room. The bottle type makes it possible to share STEAMCREAM with the whole family anytime, anywhere in the house.
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Steam Cream Seasonals
“STEAMCREAM Frankincense & Pomegranate Bottle”
[Moisturizing cream] 300g 7,920 yen (tax included)
-Main product features-
●Contains pomegranate peel extract *skin conditioning ingredient Gives firmness to the skin and smoothes it.
●Contains pomegranate seed oil *moisturizing ingredient
Rare pomegranate seed oil is rich in polyphenols. Softens, moisturizes and smoothes skin.
●Contains macadamia seed oil *moisturizing ingredient
Vegetable oil that feels good on the skin. Gives moisture to the skin and protects it from dryness.
●(Macadamia seed oil/hydrogenated macadamia seed oil) Esters (commonly known as macadamia nut butter) blended *moisturizing ingredient It blends well with the skin and gives the skin firmness and luster. ●Combined with nutmeg oil (commonly known as frankincense) *flavoring ingredients
A smoky and spicy balsam fragrance. It has a fruity, faint sweet scent and sour taste.
●Contains bitter orange flower oil (neroli) *flavoring ingredients An elegant and sweet fragrance with a hint of bitterness and a hint of orange. ●Made in Japan
● 100% vegan
● Over 98% natural ingredients
●100% natural essential oil
“Oatmeal moisturizes and protects.”
Steam Cream, which started with just one product in 2007, has released more than 8 million cans of moisturizing cream so far, moistening the skin of more than 10 million people. In the future, in addition to “moisturizing”, we will respond to the global environment that continues to change year by year and deliver products that “protect” the skin from various external environments such as “ultraviolet rays”, “heat due to heat” and “environment”. .
● Pronoun “oatmeal *” of STEAMCREAM.
Oats, which is the raw material of STEAMCREAM, has been used to moisturize and protect the skin since Roman times. Extracts extracted from grains are used as toners, vegetable oils are used as cream products, and oats are added to all products.
* oat kernels
●Pure steam manufacturing method ~ “How to make it” is as important as the raw materials used ~
All STEAMCREAM brand creams are made using the “pure steam
manufacturing method” (steam emulsification manufacturing method). Steam cream brand’s unique manufacturing method that emulsifies raw materials (water base and oil base) with pure steam to create a highly penetrating and fresh cream. The use of high temperature steam in the emulsification process creates a fluffy cream with a light,
penetrating texture without compromising the properties of the ingredients. This manufacturing method emulsifies using
high-temperature steam (steam), giving the cream a fluffy feel and delivering the goodness of natural ingredients more directly to the skin.
-Main Dealers-
STEAMCREAM official online store, STEAMCREAM permanent shop, national famous department store events and some variety shops, etc.
* Product release dates and handling stores are subject to change without notice.
-STEAMCREAM official link list-
Official online store:
-Credit notation when posting: Customer contact information- Sonotas (Katakana notation: Sonotas) Toll-free 0120-936-916 Details about this release:


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