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Sony Music Labels Inc. Legacy Plus Kento Handa appears in the 27th installment of “Records I Want” serialized on Sony Music’s “Order Made Vinyl” site!

Sony Music Labels Inc. Legacy Plus
Kento Handa appears in the 27th installment of “Records I want” on Sony Music’s “Order Made Vinyl” site!

Celebrities from all walks of life who are known for their vinyl record lovers are now on the official website of the fan-requested analog release project “GREAT TRACKS Order Made Vinyl” provided by Sony Music’s vinyl specialty label GREAT TRACKS. The 27th installment of the relay column “The Record I Want” written by
This time, Kento Handa, an actor and singer who has a deep knowledge and love of Showa Kayo, not only appeared in numerous programs and events but also works as a singer himself, wrote it. On November 11th, a tribute to Goro Noguchi will be released as a download-only record. ? For more details, please enjoy the text.
Serial column “Record I want” published
“GREAT TRACKS Order Made Vinyl” Official Site
“GREAT TRACKS Order Made Vinyl” currently has 22 titles released, 4 titles have been decided to be released, and 5 titles are on limited repress release. New entry products have a system that determines the number of reservations, so please check it out and consider making a reservation.
Kento Handa
Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1984.
In 2001, he entered the entertainment world after working for the men’s fashion magazine Junon Boy Contest.
In 2003, he starred in Kamen Rider 555 (Faiz).
He has a deep knowledge of Showa Kayo, and has appeared on many TV shows and events, and has released many covers and homage works as a singer himself.
On November 11, 2022, a new song (title undecided), which is a tribute to Goro Noguchi, will be released for download only.
Kento Handa Official Homepage Kento’s Room
Details about this release:

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