Sony Music Labels Inc. yama’s new song “Color” has been selected as the second cool ending theme song for the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY”! A tag with the up-and-coming artist “Kujira” is realized! Digital release decided on October 2nd!

Sony Music Labels Inc.
yama’s new song “Color” has been selected as the second cool ending theme song for the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY”! A tag with the
up-and-coming artist “Kujira” is realized! Digital release decided on October 2nd!

yama’s new song “Color” has been selected as the ending theme song for the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY” 2nd course, which will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo and others from 23:00 on Saturday, October 1st. Also, the date has changed and distribution will start on each subscription site from 00:00 on the 2nd (Sunday).
“Irodori” is about two years after his first original song and representative song “Haru wo tells”, and a tag with the up-and-coming artist “Kujira” has been realized!
It is a modern pop song that matches yama’s singing voice with a refreshing and light uptempo track.
[Image 1d13546-3440-2c9b8228e63d43ee39c9-0.jpg&s3=13546-3440-c775db3d76fa59b65769cb09804c3b14-3900x3120.jpg
“SPY x FAMILY” has been serialized in Shueisha’s “Shonen Jump +” since March 2019, has won numerous manga awards, and the cumulative circulation of the series up to the latest 9 volumes has exceeded 25 million copies. A very popular manga work (written by Tatsuya Endo). The second season of the TV anime based on it started broadcasting today from October 1st.

・Please tell us how you felt when it was decided that you would be in charge of the ending theme song.
When I received an offer from myself and Kujira, who wrote the song this time, I never thought I would be in charge of the theme song, so I was really happy. I want to do my best to respond to this honored opportunity! I remember thinking.
・Please tell us your impressions after reading the original manga “SPY x FAMILY”.
I’m nervous about the dangers of a relationship that hides each other’s true identities, but reading how Anya works hard to connect and accumulate small happiness with three people makes me feel warm and smiling. Lloyd, Anya, and Yoru each have extraordinary abilities, but I sympathize with the human nature of having a secret, loneliness, and clumsiness that can’t be told to others.
In the midst of a mixture of the extraordinary and the ordinary in the story, I think that through this work, we will be reminded that we tend to lose sight of the fact that casual everyday happiness is not taken for granted.
I think it’s serious, but I can’t help but laugh, I’m moved, I’m excited, and anyway, I’m reading it and I’m encouraged.
・Please tell us the name of the song and the thoughts you put into it. No one is perfect, and the process of overcoming crises and
difficulties and growing while being influenced by the people around us is truly a story. Lloyd, Anya, and Yol each have their own story to tell. I think it’s difficult to become an “adult” without rotting in a harsh life. However, having sadness and anxiety is definitely one of the colors of life, and I sing while thinking that I want you to go to the direction you believe in.
Instead of becoming black and murky when interacting with someone else’s story, I wanted the colors to become richer under the influence of each color. I hope that he and she in this story will shine. ・Please give a message to those who are looking forward to the anime. I am really happy to be involved in the wonderful work “SPY x FAMILY”. I’ve seen the original work and the first season of the anime, and I’m looking forward to the anime as a fan.
My heart throbs when I think that my music will play in my favorite work. By all means, I hope you enjoy the ending theme song “Color” together. ▼yama「color」▼
Sound source download/streaming: * Link valid from 00:00 on Sunday, October 2nd
[Image 2d13546-3440-d6948e2cbe8b3bb0ce31-1.jpg&s3=13546-3440-03f10bfecdbfebb309e210f25cd50c91-3900x3900.jpg

▼yama “Color” non-credit ending animation video▼
TOHO animation YouTube channel
▼Program information▼
TV anime “SPY x FAMILY” 2nd course
Broadcast from 23:00 on Saturday, October 1st on 6 TV Tokyo affiliated stations *The latest episodes will be distributed sequentially on each video service
Original: Tatsuya Endo (serialized in Shueisha’s “Shonen Jump+”) Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Production: WIT STUDIO x CloverWorks
2nd cool opening theme song: BUMP OF CHICKEN “SOUVENIR”
Official website:
Official Twitter:
Official LINE:
Official Instagram: (C) Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, SPY x FAMILY Production Committee [Image 3d13546-3440-d8a1580450f45a92e3bc-2.jpg&s3=13546-3440-597f50cacf7d229d65c526072b5f8c8b-1911x2700.jpg

▼yama Profile▼
A singer who attracts attention on the Internet, mainly on SNS. From 2018, he started activities such as releasing cover songs based on Youtube. His first original song “Haru wo tell”, released in April 2020, has surpassed 100 million MV views and a cumulative total of 300 million streaming views, and continues to attract attention in 2022. He has become one of the artists who symbolize the scene.
Official Site:
Staff Twitter:
[Image 4d13546-3440-2c9b8228e63d43ee39c9-0.jpg&s3=13546-3440-c775db3d76fa59b65769cb09804c3b14-3900x3120.jpg

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