Source Next Co., Ltd. Tokyo 03 Akihiro Tsunoda’s commercial released AI voice recorder “Auto Memo” Cumulative number of registered accounts exceeded 40,000

Source Next Co., Ltd.
Tokyo 03 Released CM starring Akihiro Tsunoda AI voice recorder “Auto Memo” Cumulative number of registered accounts exceeded 40,000

Sourcenext Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 33rd floor, Shiodome City Center, President: Tomoaki Kojima) will launch the AI ​​voice recorder “AutoMemo” from Monday, October 31st. We are pleased to announce that the commercial “AutoMemo Management Meeting Minutes” has been released.
We are also pleased to inform you that the total number of registered accounts using the “Auto Memo” service has exceeded 40,000.
“Auto Memo” is an AI voice recorder that allows you to check recorded voice files in text. This is a product that supports the transcription of recorded audio such as meeting minutes, interview notes, and coverage notes. Sales started in December 2020, and the cumulative number of accounts has exceeded 40,000.
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Akihiro Tsunoda of Tokyo 03, who has appeared in the KAIGIO brand’s “Meeting OWL Pro” and “KAIGIO CAM360” commercials, will appear in this “Auto Memo” commercial. I am hiring. The highlight is the voice and reaction of Mr. Tsunoda, who is in charge of taking minutes at the meeting, and the change in facial expressions after holding the latest model of the “Automemo” series, “Automemo S”.
[Outline of AutoMemo management meeting minutes]
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Mr. Tsunoda is in charge of taking minutes at management meetings that last more than four hours. Just as I was thinking that transcribing would be difficult, I was greeted with remarks that were difficult to transcribe, such as “I have to say that the purpose of your inquiry is not necessarily clear,” and “About leveraging the expectations of stakeholders for synergies.” , Tsunoda’s frustration peaked. That’s where “Auto Memo S” comes in. Voice recording and automatic
transcription are possible. Mr. Tsunoda, who picked up the product, said, “Say more and more!” and “This is so easy!”

■Video overview
Title: AutoMemo Management Meeting Minutes
Seconds: 30s, 15s
Release date: October 31, 2022 (Monday)
URL: 30 seconds
15 seconds
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[What is the “Auto Memo” series?]

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This series is an AI voice recorder that allows you to check recorded voice files in text, and boasts the No. 1 share in cumulative sales volume and amount by brand (Note 1).
It is a useful tool for interviews, interview memos, meeting memos, etc., as it allows you to quickly find the desired data or the part you want to hear by searching the text without having to listen to the recorded data one by one.
The price plan for the transcription function can be transcribed for free for up to 1 hour each month, and can be transcribed for up to 30 hours each month. You can choose from a 100 hour charge that texts up to 100 hours with.
(・ Auto Memo does not have an audio playback function, and a dedicated app is required to use Auto Memo.
– Text conversion requires a Wi-Fi internet connection and a Google account or Apple ID. )
In addition, “Auto Memo S” won the Best Buy award in the AI ​​voice recorder category of the second half of the hit anticipation feature of the information magazine “Home Appliance Criticism (July 2022 issue)” published by Shinyusha Co., Ltd.
Note 1: January-December 2021: Compiled in-house for products with automatic transcription functions from the voice recorder category sold by leading consumer electronics mass retailers nationwide About copyright notation
■ Please use the following copyright notation when posting product screens. (C) SOURCENEXT CORPORATION
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