Sousha Co., Ltd. Jane Sue & Mika Horii’s popular podcast program “OVER THE SUN” will be made into a book! Available at bookstores nationwide from November 25th!

Sousha Co., Ltd.
The long-awaited publication of Jane Su & Mika Horii’s popular podcast program “OVER THE SUN” has been decided! Available at bookstores nationwide from November 25th!
“OVER THE SUN Official Mutual Aid Book” (TBS Radio Podcast “Jane Sue and Mika Horii’s OVER THE SUN” Edition/Sousha)

Over 170,000 listeners! The long-awaited publication of the podcast program “OVER THE SUN” by columnist Jane Hsu and freelance announcer Mika Horii!
In addition to the selection of God’s masterpieces from episode 0 (zero) to episode 74, “Special interviews with Sue and Mika”, “Coming to your heart!? Coming to your knees!? 88 punchlines”, “You can only listen here Inside stories told by the staff” and so on.
It will be released sequentially at bookstores nationwide from November 25th, and will be released on Amazon from December 2nd. In addition, Amazon reservation started on October 6th. Please consider introducing this book and interviewing the author.
Jane Hsu & Mika Horii “OVER THE SUN”
What is “OVER THE SUN”?
A podcast program on TBS Radio. New delivery every Friday at 5:00 pm. Distribution started in October 2020, and the current total number of listeners is over 170,000.
In October 2022, an event commemorating the 100th distribution will be held, and about 800 spectators will gather at the venue, Yurakucho / Hulic Hall Tokyo.
The live broadcast of the venue is also watched by many people from overseas. It ends on a high note.
What is a “mutual aid society”?
Listeners in this program are called “mutual aid members”. This name was born from the spirit of helping each other. While sharing delusions that are too stupid to talk about, past failures that are too embarrassing, and sometimes daily worries and troubles, we aim for the next Friday together.
●This is the birth of the OVER THE SUN official fan book, where the spirit of “Losing Hende” resides!
Overview of this document
1. Kamikai Masterpiece Selection
Over 250 pages total! You can enjoy Kamikai from episode 0 (zero) to episode 74 many times in print. All pages are annotated to fill the generation gap, so you can fully enjoy the content you may have overlooked and the slightly useful extra information!
(Commemorative first delivery / There is an old lady / Life and life / VIO hair loss information / Everyone’s menopause story / Middle-aged divorce and heartbreak / Mika-san, offshore, etc.)
2. A collection of quotes from the Sue Mika duo that will touch your heart and touch your knees!?
Includes 88 poignant quotes released by Sue Mika Combi!
In addition, we will deliver a lot of content such as 100 questions and 100 answers to Sue Mika, interviews, and behind-the-scenes stories told by the staff!
Selling signed books and books with special stickers at some bookstores (Information ban 11/11 12:00-)
Some bookstores will sell autographed books and books with special stickers. Details and handling stores will be announced on November 11th at 12:00 on the left and right company HP and right and left company Twitter.
Book overview:
Title: “OVER THE SUN Official Mutual Aid Book”
Editor: TBS Radio podcast “Jane Sue and Mika Horii’s OVER THE SUN” List price: 2,000 yen + tax
ISBN: 978-4-86528-341-9 C0076
Issued and sold by: Syousha Co., Ltd.
▼Product details page
TBS Radio
Left and right company Amazon
Podcast program overview:
Program name: “OVER THE SUN” by Jane Hsu and Mika Horii
Delivery date and time: Every Friday from 17:00
Cast: Jane Hsu, Mika Horii
Program site:
Author profile:
Jane Sue
Born in Tokyo in 1973. Lyricist, columnist, radio personality. Appearing on “Jane Sue Life Dances” (every Monday to Thursday at 11:00 am TBS Radio). Received the Kodansha Essay Award for “How long are you going to be a girl?” (Gentosha). His books include “There are 101 reasons why we are not proposed to” (Poplar Publishing), “To live, die, or father” (Shinchosha), “This is fine” (Chuokoron Shinsha) ), “Good for the moment” (Bungeishunjusha), “I feel like I want to be beautiful” (Kobunsha).
Mika Horii
Free announcer. Born March 22, 1972 in Akita Prefecture. Joined TBS in 1995 after graduating from the Faculty of Law, Hosei University. Mother of 1 boy and 1 girl. Has an overwhelming track record as a narrator on TBS series programs. Even after leaving TBS in April 2022, he is still in charge of many narrations. He also launched the yomibasho project and hosts his own readings. In his own book, “On-doku Class” (Kanzen).
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