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Sports Ecosystem Promotion Council Joint release of “Guidelines for random sales of NFTs”

Sports Ecosystem Promotion Council
Jointly published “Guidelines for random sales of NFTs”
~Developed in collaboration with four related organizations~
Sports Ecosystem Promotion Council (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, secretary general: Hironori Inagaki, belonging to Nishimura Asahi Law Office), Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative (JCBI), Japan Crypto Asset In cooperation with the Business Association (JCBA), the Japan Blockchain Association (JBA) and the Blockchain Promotion Association (BCCC), we aim to smooth and activate content distribution through NFT. We are pleased to announce that we have formulated a guideline for NFT random sales and announced it on October 12, 2022.
These guidelines refer to the organization of the “Guidelines for NFT package sales utilizing sports content and the secondary distribution market” announced on September 20, 2022 by this council, and random sales of NFTs ( *) are organized into types that do not fall under gambling, and indicate matters that business operators should consider from the perspective of consumer protection.
(*) Refers to a sales method in which the provided NFT is randomly determined, and is defined in this guideline as including gacha sales, package sales, reveal sales, and random generation sales methods. -Joint publication group-
– Japan Content Blockchain Initiative (JCBI)
– Japan Crypto Asset Business Association (JCBA)
– Japan Blockchain Association (JBA)
– Blockchain Promotion Association (BCCC)
– Sports Ecosystem Promotion Council (C-SEP)
■Council overview
Name: Sports Ecosystem Promotion Council
Established: January 2022
Participating companies: 41 director companies, 51 general member companies (as of September 30, 2022)

Details about this release:

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