Sports Max “2B (Heart) by U” Capsule Collection Announced

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Sports Max “2B (Heart) by U” Capsule Collection Announced
Iris Law Models Marilyn Monroe Inspired Knitwear Capsule Collection
The ultimate femininity of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe is translated into the ultra-contemporary language of Iris Law, daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost, for a total knitwear look.
[Image 1d8758-153-50a88f3e01fdb68d0703-0.jpg&s3=8758-153-dc4b7472a309d1f79e8ebf50483d393e-819x1024.jpg
Marilyn Monroe is a cinematic icon and perhaps the very definition of 20th century feminine sensuality.
Model and activist Iris Low’s powerful spirit has captured her fans everywhere, from fashion magazine covers to luxury runways and her social media.
Iris Rowe is the Marilyn Monroe of Generation Z. Free to go your own way while attracting people. Marilyn Monroe and Iris Lowe are the spirit and the “face” of Sportsmax’s Autumn/Winter 2022 Capsule Collection “ToBeLovedByYou”.
[Image 2d8758-153-dfff5e51a49d1455d012-1.jpg&s3=8758-153-ab7b6448ead28e3c47016bb22cff6d62-820x1024.jpg
This Sportmax capsule collection features the “I wanna be loved by you” sung by Marilyn Monroe in the cult 1959 Billy Wilder film Some Like It Hot. (I want to be loved)” was named after the phrase. Inspired by Marilyn Monroe and her wardrobe, the collection features tight-fitting backless dresses with plunging necklines and slender straps that make Marilyn Monroe a timeless symbol of feminine beauty. We have items that sublimate to and evoke its very seductive charm. A contemporary Iris Lowe also radiates the same charm, a different beauty than Marilyn Monroe, but equally powerful and an expression of modern sensuality.
[Image 3d8758-153-10a271d3f333ded73330-2.jpg&s3=8758-153-8d7fb5e3facdaa6cb3e506c8c6c35cbb-819x1024.jpg
The collection pays homage to the powerful sensuality of today’s woman with cashmere and tight-fitting silhouettes. There are items with striking contrast, such as white, black, red, and bright lipstick pink colors that are shaped to fit the body, and oversized sweaters with heart motifs in contrasting colors. It’s ready.
[Image 4d8758-153-20d03cc958826db58192-9.jpg&s3=8758-153-22e25eaa8c6cd1c937b0151086411f45-819x1024.jpg
[Image 5d8758-153-8cfca791c831ccab8daa-5.jpg&s3=8758-153-51722a7f345297ec198ef678033e7a3b-819x1024.jpg
[Image 6d8758-153-5cef1a12210354f34dbf-10.jpg&s3=8758-153-a2c83cad3f8fed6cdd163a5ac17b5175-819x1024.jpg
[Image 7d8758-153-42e2348db0ca137034e8-8.jpg&s3=8758-153-ca4dd891abb758adfe6d015532f0a682-819x1024.jpg
[Image 8d8758-153-c96a2469d04804159a68-3.jpg&s3=8758-153-54087f2d5261385bfeab844fa8eab36b-821x1024.jpg
[Image 9d8758-153-edf1cb7b17339ce2fd92-6.jpg&s3=8758-153-dab3f8b94a944c8ea726cd09352d5af8-819x1024.jpg
[Image 10d8758-153-32a4fed163a401e90931-4.jpg&s3=8758-153-c11e4b038f2b568d4687b9e31f17bc5e-788x1024.jpg
[Image 11d8758-153-7671060010e63577b650-7.jpg&s3=8758-153-1923e93433b47219e610acc13b0a424c-819x1024.jpg

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