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Sprocket Co., Ltd. With the introduction of Sprocket, Yanmar Holdings’ online EXPO registration rate improved to 143%!

Sprocket Inc.
Introduction of Sprocket improved Yanmar Holdings’ online EXPO registration rate to 143%!
Maximize the performance of the entire BtoB site by utilizing the analysis method of web customer service

Sprocket Co., Ltd. (head office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroshi Fukada), which provides a platform for CRO (conversion rate
optimization), uses Sprocket on the website of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Yanmar). By doing so, we will announce a case study that led to improvement in conversion rate and overall website performance.
[Image 1d32195-42-90f96854a156d9cc615a-0.png&s3=32195-42-9134410930d4196a8aeb66f5b4c0faf5-1425x562.png
■ Introduction background of Sprocket
Since its founding in 1912, Yanmar has expanded its business globally, centered on industrial engines, in areas such as agriculture, construction machinery, marine, and energy systems, in the fields of land, sea, and cities. We provide solutions to solve. Yanmar’s website is characterized by an extremely wide range of visitor purposes, as information on all countries and business divisions is aggregated under a single domain. In the past, we built the website with the concept of having customers find the information they need by themselves by organizing navigation and hierarchies. The problem has been the lack of communication. Yanmar introduced Sprocket in May 2020 with the aim of resolving these issues.
■ Sprocket introduction measures for BtoB sites
In the digital domain, including the website, Sprocket’s main role in Yanmar is to improve the provision of information from potential customers to prospective customers. In Sprocket’s measures, web customer service using pop-ups has been introduced according to the user’s flow on the site, and the effect is measured by setting “download PDF such as catalogs”, “search for locations”, and “inquiries” as conversions. .
[Image 2d32195-42-52e050eca5228aad3fdd-3.png&s3=32195-42-723c289a101aef77c2771e20d80b0eec-1434x804.png
1. The catalog PDF download rate improved to 111% compared to the conventional model guide for combine harvesters
[Image 3d32195-42-f31543cf14a6aa54ffc2-4.png&s3=32195-42-a97ab92218a6423276c971155d05c9ff-1432x802.png
Yanmar’s product list page does not post products for sale on the site like an e-commerce site. In order to solve the problem of finding the model you want in the list but it is difficult to find it, we introduced pop-up models that are representative and recommended to revisiting users after a certain amount of time has passed since the page was displayed. . By introducing a customer service experience similar to that of a physical store on the website, pop-up displays on smartphones have improved the catalog PDF download rate to 111%. 2. The search result page arrival rate improved to 111% with the guidance on how to use the base search
[Image 4d32195-42-1f4d4de358d52612e07f-5.png&s3=32195-42-629ff1e32d6ce4e0ec0c4190c6cdb1a3-1429x802.png
At Yanmar, many customers are unfamiliar with the Internet, and it is an important role of the website to provide detailed guidance on how to search for more than 6,000 sales and service bases globally and in all of our businesses. After introducing a scenario that guides the search method in 3 steps, the reach rate to the search result page of the base set as a KPI was 110% for PCs and 111% for smartphones compared to when the scenario was not implemented. Improved. 3. Application completion rate improved to 143% due to online EXPO (exhibition) induction measures
[Image 5d32195-42-88598ff06ec8f5822dc0-6.png&s3=32195-42-330920c7a816bda074f282a4cbe1ed8e-1429x804.png
Before the spread of the new coronavirus, face-to-face exhibitions were the greatest opportunity to acquire prospective customers, and by registering customer information obtained at exhibitions in the MA tool, it was connected to email communication. From 2020, when the refraining from going out began, we started new online initiatives such as online business negotiations and 360° images of products, and the exhibition was also held in the form of an online EXPO. With the aim of increasing interest in the online EXPO and inducing people to complete the application, we implemented a measure to guide the online EXPO on Sprocket. improved to 143%, leading to the acquisition of prospective customers.
* Click here for a detailed introduction of Yanmar’s initiatives:
■ Comment from the person in charge of Yanmar
Our company basically has a self-propelled system that operates Sprocket in-house. and reports on changes in UU volume. Looking at changes in data on a monthly basis, it is natural for seasonal products to fluctuate, but it also leads to the realization that “Why is this route decreasing?” I believe that we are able to produce results precisely because of our consulting, which involves
identifying issues together and proposing measures.
■ About Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.
Founded in Osaka in 1912, Yanmar is an industrial machinery
manufacturer that in 1933 became the first company in the world to successfully develop a compact diesel engine. In the fields of land, sea, and cities, we provide solutions that solve our customers’ problems by globally developing businesses such as agriculture, construction machinery, marine, and energy systems, centered on industrial engines. . Yanmar will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society for the next 100 years with a brand statement of “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE -Towards new affluence with technology.-“. Name: Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2013 (founded in 1912)
Location: YANMAR FLYING-Y BUILDING, 1-32 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0013 Business description: “We support the prosperous lives of people in the fields of cities, land, and seas around the world.”
Agricultural machinery and facilities (tractors, combine harvesters, rice transplanters, tending machines, etc.)
Construction machinery (mini excavators, portable generators, floodlights, etc.) Energy system (biogas cogeneration, emergency power generator, gas heat pump air conditioner, etc.)
Small engines (small industrial diesel engines, etc.)
Large engines (for marine power generation, diesel engines for propulsion, etc.) Marine (small and medium marine diesel engines, pleasure boats, fishing boats, marine equipment, etc.)
Components (hydraulics, transmissions, etc.)
Research and development, manufacturing and sales of
Representative Director and President: Kento Yamaoka
■ About the conversion optimization platform “Sprocket”
“Sprocket” utilizes user’s online behavior data (page browsing, scrolling, clicking, etc.) to display customer service pop-ups on the website at the optimum timing according to the customer journey, thereby providing an ideal customer experience. It will come true. It is possible to encourage changes in user attitudes, improve conversion rates for purchases, applications, document requests, etc., and improve KPIs such as lower withdrawal rates.
At Sprocket, we are committed to improving conversion rates through the functions and customer success provided by our platform, as well as reliable conversion methods cultivated through escort support. It is used not only on EC sites, but also on the websites of many companies such as financial institutions such as banks, securities, and insurance. For more information, please visit
■ Sprocket Co., Ltd. Company Profile
We provide development, sales, and operation of the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) platform “Sprocket,” as well as consulting for optimal planning and implementation of implementation sites. We create connections between businesses and end users in the digital age. We have more than 300 introduced companies, an average CVR improvement rate of 145.4%, an average ROI of 1,565%, and a cumulative total of more than 50,000 A/B tests.
Name: Sprocket Inc. (English company name: Sprocket Inc.)
Established: April 2014
Location: 2nd floor, 44th Kowa Building, 1-2-7 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0043
Business description: Development, sales and operation of conversion optimization platform “Sprocket”
Representative: Hiroshi Fukada
■ Inquiries about this release
Sprocket Inc.
Marketing & Communications
Tel: 03-6303-4123 Email:

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