SRACreative Co., Ltd. A new fall / winter 2022 release from “GENTY”, a cosmetic that is loved by him and i s close to the girl in love.

SRACreative Co., Ltd.
2022 autumn/winter new products from “GENTY” cosmetics that are loved by him and are close to girls in love

SRACreative Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Daisei Fukushima) is a beauty brand “GENTY” produced by Nagomi, who is also active as a couple YouTuber “Nakoko Couple” with about 3.3 million followers on SNS. (Genty)”, new items for Fall / Winter 2022 will be on sale from October 11, 2022 (Tuesday).
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“GENTY” has developed #caremote cosmetic items that will be loved by him with the theme of “MINIMAL BEAUTY, FULL OF LOVE.” The second collection is based on the theme of READY FOR LOVE “a child who prepares to fall in love”, and includes 1 new multi-palette color, 1 new eyeliner color, 1 new mascara color, and new works filled with Nagomi’s own ideals. Original mirror has been released. In-store sales are planned for mid-November.
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Product Summary
◆ GENTY Multi Love Palette
New color Only Me Bordeaux
2,860 yen (tax included)

[Image 3d67682-10-ea09c7084db944585849-10.jpg&s3=67682-10-c498adccd1fda4ad07d68a60c1f6b319-905x939.jpg
From the multi-palette of 3 colors and 3 textures, the beloved Bordeaux that gives you a sense of looseness and sexiness is now available. Bordeaux and reddish brown are key colors that are typical of autumn and winter, and a pearl white highlighter that can create a lustrous feeling is also included. Freely combine 3 different textures of soft matte, shimmer and cream to easily cheer up your expression with minimal steps. You can use a single color or a gradation as you like.
◆GENTY Fate Mascara
New color melt ash brown
1,980 yen (tax included)
[Image 4d67682-10-94b2aa8165a3a7b97905-11.jpg&s3=67682-10-170e972b1579d7ea88fc15fd8c84ba09-1152x768.jpg
A new color, ash brown, that blends naturally to the tip of the eyelashes, giving the eyes a gentler and softer finish than black. Exquisite nuanced colors that give a mature impression, anyone can easily enjoy makeup with a loose look. It also features excellent curl-keeping power that is resistant to sweat, tears, and sebum. Creates delicate eyelashes with a natural volumizing effect, and lasts for a long-lasting look that draws you in.
◆ GENTY Secret Eyeliner
New color veil ash brown
1,430 yen (tax included)
[Image 5d67682-10-281fabec238392d7b9ab-12.jpg&s3=67682-10-4ab1e1a1eef34534d453a6eed0a6c31a-2000x1333.jpg
From the nuance eyeliner that naturally tightens the eyes, a new color ash brown that makes the eyes look bigger with a color that blends well with the skin. Swipe with a soft brush tip to draw smoothly and create a beautiful finish that lasts. Even though it has a trendy feel, it can create a gentle atmosphere with a sense of looseness. =============
◆ GENTY folding mirror
new mirror
3,000 yen (tax included)
[Image 6d67682-10-4890cb071ca4e1a29dd6-13.jpg&s3=67682-10-93763197946b8a9c5d6ed454f07f3ab1-1000x1000.jpg
A free-standing mirror that is very useful for skin care and makeup time at home. You can change the height and adjust the angle according to your preference. In addition, Horiuchi Mirror Industry’s mirrors, which are also used by makeup professionals, are used. You can enjoy full-fledged makeup with little change in color due to the use of highly transparent glass.
[Image 7d67682-10-c2525b2ceeacd2ce4c17-1.jpg&s3=67682-10-ad99be6a97f9e6ffaa993c444ae6cbc4-1800x2700.jpg
■ GENTY Official Online Store:
About Producer Nagomi
Produced by Nagomi
Also active as a beautiful couple YouTuber “Nakoko Couple” with over 3.3 million followers on SNS. Boasting tremendous popularity mainly among the Z generation, she is expanding her activities as a TV commercial and model in addition to YouTube.
・Nakoko Channel
・Nakono’s makeup.
・ nagomi personal channel
About SRACreative Inc.
SRACreative Co., Ltd. is a company with an accounting firm as its parent company, and operates all types of businesses such as wellness business, restaurant business, and human resources business. ■ SRACreative Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Location: KN Shibuya 3 Building 2F, 9-8 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Fukushima University
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
GENTY PR Secretariat: Kawanobu, Iguchi
Tel: 03-6455-3315 (Telephone reception: Weekdays 11:00-18:00) Email:

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