Star Channel Co., Ltd. Overseas drama “DEVILS ~Kinzai no Akuma~ Season 2” The tense trailer and new scene photos of the start of the life-threatening game of finance have been lifted!

Star Channel Co., Ltd.
Overseas drama “DEVILS ~Kinzai no Akuma~ Season 2” The tense trailer and new scene photos of the start of the life-threatening game of finance have been unveiled!
Work official page:
Exclusive Japan’s first distribution from November 16th (Thursday) & Exclusive Japan’s first broadcast from December!
Season 1 is being rebroadcast on “BS10 Star Channel”

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The video distribution service “Star Channel EX” operated by Star Channel Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) offers a suspenseful story “DEVILS” that depicts the other side of the financial war that shakes the global economy by skilled traders working at a major investment bank in London. ~Financial Devil~ Season 2” will be distributed exclusively in Japan for the first time in both subtitled and dubbed versions from November 16th (Wednesday) this year (Season 1 is being acclaimed on “Star Channel EX”). The TV broadcast “BS10 Star Channel” will also be broadcast exclusively in Japan for the first time in December. Prior to this, “BS10 Star Channel” is broadcasting the subtitled version of the previous work “Season 1”.
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A dramatization of the first season of the novel written by Guido Maria Brera, an Italian stock trader, inspired by the 2008 financial crisis. As the new CEO of London investment bank NYL, the main character throws himself into a globalized financial war. From “Brexit” in 2016 to “COVID-19 (new coronavirus infectious disease) pandemic” in 2020, and high-tech industries such as “5G”, the recent world situation is woven to give reality to the story. Leading Italian actors Alessandro Borghi (“SUBURRA -Underworld-“) and Patrick Dempsey (“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Enchanted 2” will be released for streaming) continue from the previous work and spark the competition again. Scatter!
The long-awaited season 2 60-second notice has been lifted! In a heated financial battle, the life of the main character, Massimo, is in danger!?
At the same time, 8 new scene photos have also been lifted!
[Video 2:] The video, which has been lifted this time, begins with the tense development of Dominic Morgan, played by Patrick Dempsey, who corners the main character, Massimo Ruggiero, played by Alessandro Borghi, saying, “Call the Deputy Consul General. . Massimo escapes at full speed through the city. Then, in his voice, “The world has changed. After that, someone fell on the road, and a shocking image of blood flowing. Who the hell is this victim…? Furthermore, to the shock scene where Massimo, who was running away, was hit by a car. Then, from the conversation at the closed bar, Dominic and Massimo, who were “teacher and pupil” in the previous season, are enemies with equal power. Massimo provokes Dominic, saying, ‘I hit it. It’s your turn next.’ What kind of conflict happened after the two people who should have settled in the previous season?
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With the lifting of the ban on scene photos, the present of the old characters and the existence of new characters are hinted at, and this work shows evolution, but in season 2, it is expected that the two “financial devils” will fight even more heatedly. It is a picture full of tension that makes you feel. In particular, the range of acting of Patrick Dempsey, who is about to appear in “Enchanted 2”, is a sight to behold.
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-Distribution and broadcast information-Overseas drama “DEVILS ~Financial Devil~ Season 2” (8 episodes in total)
[Distribution] “Star Channel EX”
-Subtitled version / dubbed version-November 16th (Wednesday) ~ Exclusive Japan’s first distribution start! * All 8 episodes delivered at once
Work page:
[Broadcast] “BS10 Star Channel”
[STAR1 subtitle version] December exclusive Japan first broadcast start! Season 1: Regular broadcast every Wednesday at 23:00
[STAR3 dubbed version] Scheduled to be broadcast from January
2016. Four years have passed since Massimo took over as CEO, and NYL has accepted Chinese capital and its management structure has changed. Meanwhile, the world situation is shaken by Brexit, the US Trump administration, China’s economic strategy, etc., and Massimo throws himself into a fierce financial war. Will Massimo survive this battle? How will the conflict with Morgan end? And what will the corona disaster bring to them…!?
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■From “Brexit” to “COVID-19 Pandemic” in Season 2, against the background of the recent world situation, the story will be even more global!
Season 2 depicts the sequel to Season 1, which was adapted from the blockbuster novel of the same name written by Guido Maria Brera, an Italian stock trader, inspired by the 2008 Lehman Shock. The drama leaves the novel and unfolds a new story created by advancing the setting of the times. The story takes place in 2016, when the referendum “Brexit” was held to decide whether the United Kingdom would leave the European Union. The financial world is shaken by the results of the vote, which attracted attention from all over the world. And the US Trump administration, China’s economic strategy, the rise of Bitcoin, big data, and related privacy issues involving citizens and their private lives, etc. The scenario has become even more globalized, and not only the banking conflict but also the economic conflicts between Europe, the United States and China. Also draw a battle. And the 2020 “COVID-19 pandemic”. Attention is increasing as to what this unprecedented situation will bring to the characters.
■ Alessandro Borghi vs. “Ikeoji” Patrick Dempsey once again ignite the competition!
Leading Italian actor Alessandro Borghi (“SUBURRA-Underworld-“) and Patrick Dempsey (“Grey’s Anatomy”), who are getting more and more “cool”, continue from the previous work. Massimo (played by
Alessandro) takes over as CEO of London investment bank NYL as a successor to Dominic (played by Patrick), while Dominic leaves NYL and establishes his own investment bank. The two people, who continue to be in the same financial world, have mixed intentions, and develop fierce tactics while groping each other. The two actors scatter the sparks of acting to embody the tension-filled dialogue that surpasses the first season.
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■ Attractive new characters appear. Ogosho actor is alive and well! Chinese people are active in NYL, which has accepted Chinese capital. Key players are Wu Zhi, the head of trading played by Li Jun Li (Chicago series), and Lia Chen, the chief strategy officer played by Joel de la Fuente (Man in the High Castle).・It’s Leeway. I can’t wait to see how these two, who work for NYL but carry their national ambitions as Chinese, will get involved with Massimo. In addition, continuing from season 1, the influential actor Lars Mikkelsen (“I’m sure a good day is waiting”) will also appear. Despite being in prison and appearing in few scenes, he has a strong presence.
■IMDb 7.8 points (season 2 alone), the final episode recorded 8.2, further improved from season 1!
The IMDb rating averaged 7.1 for Series 1 and 2, but Season 2 alone scored 7.8, a significant improvement over the previous season’s average (6.7).
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Massimo Ruggiero
(Alessandro Borghi)
Appointed as the new CEO from a trader at the London branch of NYL, a major US investment bank.
Losing a loved one hurts your heart.
[Image 8

Dominic Morgan
(Patrick Dempsey)
Former CEO of NYL London branch. He left NYL and established a new investment bank, MAI.
[Image 9

Oliver Harris (*pictured right)
(Malachi Kirby)
A young man who got a job at NYL through Massimo’s connections. I feel indebted to Massimo.
[Image 10

Wu Zhi
(Lee Jun Lee)
NYL’s new trading manager. A Chinese man who has worked in London for many years.
[Image 11

Chen Lee Wei
(Joel de la Fuente)
Chief Strategy Officer of NYL. An influential figure in China and Jie’s father figure.
[Image 12

(Pia Mechler)
NYL trader. Team member since before Massimo became CEO.
[Image 13

(Clara Rosahel)
A young woman with a genius for mathematics. Talent catches the eye of Dominic and is hired.
[Image 14

Daniel Duvall
(Lars Mikkelsen)
Former economist and leader of an anti-government organization that exposes confidential financial information. in prison.
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[Directors] Nick Haran (“Sherlock 4”), Jan Michelini (“Medici”) [Appearance] Alessandro Borghi, Patrick Dempsey, Malachi Kirby, Lee Jun Lee, Joel de la Fuente, Lars Mikkelsen and others
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