Start of Commit Run, where you can receive coaching while running

KAKUDO Co., Ltd.
Start of Commit Run, where you can receive coaching while running A running community to run together remotely while having a group call
KAKUDO Co., Ltd., which provides coaching services, will start running community service “Commit Run” from November 2022.
What is a commit run?
This is a community service that allows up to 8 people to make group calls and receive coaching while running.
Every week starting at 6:00 a.m. for 1 hour, participants will run together while making a group call (video prohibited audio only). There are mainly two things to talk about.
・Review of last week’s challenge
・Commitment to challenge this week
Benefits of participating in Commit Run
・ Because it is remote, you can run at your own pace
・I can continue because I have friends who work hard together ・I can run for a long time in no time
・The realization of the ideal is approaching
Background and purpose of service start
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the number of people who lack exercise is increasing due to the rapid spread of remote work. Also, I have heard a lot of people worrying about not being able to continue exercising.
Next, there were many consultations about not being able to take a step forward even though they were dissatisfied with the current situation.
・I don’t want it to get worse than it is now.
・ I don’t want to take risks because I have a family
・Because I’m worried
Originally, I would like such a person to receive a coaching session, but I understand that applying for coaching is a very high hurdle. In response to this situation, the purpose of starting Commit Run is to provide an opportunity to take a step forward while making exercise a habit.
・Every Wednesday from November 9th at 6:00-7:00 AM
・1,000 yen per month
・Withdrawal possible
For inquiries and applications, please visit the following URL
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