Started agile training for management

Agile Business Institute Inc.
Started agile training for management
Survive an era of high uncertainty with agile management

Agile Business Institute Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Miho Itakura), which supports the introduction of agile, will start offering agile training for management by instructor Joe Justice. In today’s world of increasing uncertainty, conventional long-term business strategies and business plans are no longer able to respond to market changes. In order for companies to continue to provide value, they need flexibility and speed to respond to change. In order to achieve this, more and more companies are adopting agile management every year.
Agile methods have become known mainly for system development. But today, many industries, industries, and even as a management method, the agile approach has a big impact. Rather than a long-term business plan, we aim to respond flexibly to changes in the environment and circumstances by deciding on the details of implementation in a short period of time and repeating the steps from implementation to improvement. Agile management also requires changing organizational cultures and mindsets to build empowered, self-organizing teams. Achieving this will increase employee motivation and job satisfaction, and increase the flexibility and speed of the entire organization. [Image 1d66135-7-2551e7a5d11ab0acdaf8-0.png&s3=66135-7-63f1119d2e8011eb64d4830c929da0db-1280x720.png

content of study
Why Agile?
– How to survive in today’s uncertain and complex world
Agile principles
– Improve organizational performance with Agile
Drive Agile Transformation
– Responsible for realizing agile transformation as a manager and leader promote self-organization
– Promote team growth and enhance innovation creation ability Agile mindset and techniques
– Improved team morale and effectiveness, reduced turnover rate I recommend this hotel
management layer
Those who are in a position to receive proposals and consultations on agile introduction from scrum masters
Customers who outsource development (clients)
[Image 2d66135-7-da60d9b21000641d5752-1.png&s3=66135-7-191dc9bbb78aca8ca5f4dad9c8b3eb28-745x745.png
He has taught Agile at many major global companies such as Amazon, Tesla, and Toyota, and is active in more than 20 countries around the world.
He is also a TED speaker, has lectured on behalf of Google and Microsoft, and has been a guest lecturer at Harvard, Oxford, and UC Berkeley. These agile initiatives have been featured in a wide range of media including Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Discovery Channel.
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