Started full-scale release of “MEDISKILL,” a service that revitalizes the pharmacy industry and expands oppo rtunities for pharmacists through pharmacists and IT

Started full-scale release of “MEDISKILL,” a service that revitalizes the pharmacy industry and expands opportunities for pharmacists through pharmacists and IT
Online pharmacies are accelerating and pharmacists need to improve their skills
Nowadays, it is said that the online business has progressed for 10 years due to the influence of Corona, and the key to survival in the pharmacy industry is how to respond online.
However, the pharmacy industry is lagging behind in the introduction of IT, and there are many pharmacies that do not have a well-developed website.
This is partly because the industry itself is highly specialized and unique, making it difficult for outsiders to intervene.
MEDISKILL is a service that can solve the above problems.
■MEDISKILL consists of the following two services.
1. HP creation service by experienced pharmacist
In recent years, when the world is increasingly online, having a website has great benefits such as acquiring more patients, sharing information with medical institutions, and strengthening in-house recruitment.
While the benefits are great, whether or not the content is solid and high-quality from the perspective of a third party also affects the credibility of the pharmacy.
So, how can a pharmacy create a website that patients, medical professionals, and job seekers want?
MEDISKILL is a service that can solve this problem.
MEDISKILL is run by a group of engineers who have field experience as pharmacists and have a deep understanding of the pharmacy industry, so we have strengths in smooth communication with clients and optimal proposals in pharmacy website creation. .
In addition, since the operating company is engaged in the pharmacist recruitment business, it is also possible to create attractive recruitment pages that make use of the knowledge as a recruitment company.
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Strengths of Mediskill
2. IT school service for pharmacists
It has become difficult for pharmacists to survive in the future pharmacy industry with “only the knowledge as a pharmacist”. In the industry, it is said that we are entering an era of excess pharmacists, and it is said that from now on, it is necessary to acquire not only skills as pharmacists, but also skills other than pharmacists that are required by society.
Under such circumstances, pharmacists themselves acquire IT skills, which is directly linked to “improvement of their own market value” as the flow of online service expansion for pharmacies progresses. However, just like pharmacist knowledge, IT skills are highly specialized fields, so it can be said that it is a difficult skill to acquire through individual efforts such as self-study.
MEDISKILL, a web school service specialized for pharmacists, was released to solve such problems.
[Image 2d58526-4-ff9bafd1dcfc4ac2c8aa-2.png&s3=58526-4-b38daf2b41560c6337a86f274dba452c-2754x1284.png
Among many web school services, MEDISKILL has the following four features. 1. Since you can receive guidance from an active engineer with pharmacist experience, it is easy to imagine improving your skills as a pharmacist x IT human resource.
2. Since the operating company is engaged in the recruitment business, it will be advantageous for becoming independent as a freelancer or changing jobs after graduation.
3. After graduation, there is a chance to be involved in a pharmacy website production project owned by MEDISKILL.
4. By entering the alumni community, pharmacists with IT knowledge can exchange information.
[Image 3d58526-4-2f0e36c8a41bc1da9e14-1.png&s3=58526-4-522c3d6aae1d0d8ec3300dab7b742194-2060x1550.png
Strengths of Mediskill
[Image 4d58526-4-184c7909e7a7f0a42c91-3.png&s3=58526-4-966d1007f2c59685ef7b9f263cd9df26-1964x862.png
school flow
We live in an age when online pharmacies are required, and the way pharmacists work is gradually changing.
・Because I’m worried
・Because I don’t know
・Because I don’t need it
If you turn your eyes away from reality and procrastinate, you will be left behind by the flow of the times.
We sincerely hope that this service will lead to the development of the pharmacy industry and improve the IT skills of pharmacists.

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