Started providing the service of “Building SNS no Madoguchi”, an Instagram operation agency service speciali zing in the housing industry.

Kaymak Co., Ltd.
Started providing the service of “Building SNS no Madoguchi”, an Instagram operation agency service specializing in the housing industry.
Limited to the first 10 companies, initial cost free campaign!
Kaymaku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is pleased to announce that it has started providing the service of the Instagram operation agency service “Builder SNS window” specializing in the housing industry.
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What is “Building SNS Window”?
“Building SNS window” is an Instagram operation agency service specializing in the housing industry.
▼Features of “Building SNS window”
・ Highly reproducible operation that achieves 10,000 followers in the shortest time
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Standing in the user’s eye is a very important point to grow Instagram. Based on the Instagram algorithm (how it is displayed),
By providing the information that the owner is looking for, we will perform reproducible account growth.
・Operation to attract more customers
We have received many inquiries that although we are working hard to operate SNS, it does not lead to results (attracting customers and closing contracts).
Instead of just blindly chasing the number of followers,
By using stories, highlights, DM measures, etc., we will maximize sales and turn followers into fans.
Click here for inquiries about the “Building SNS window”
Why builders should focus on Instagram now
The reasons for the increasing need to use SNS to attract customers to builders include:
This is due to factors such as the increase in the ratio of Internet customers that attracts customers year by year, the increase in the use of SNS by owners, and the impact of the new coronavirus. Among them, there are three major benefits of attracting Instagram customers. 1. You can attract enthusiastic customers
By doing content marketing posts, it is possible to acquire followers with the attributes they want.
2. You can approach potential customers
By utilizing the features of Instagram to reach tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people,
It is possible to approach customers who have not yet started to compare and consider, which could not be acquired through search or advertisement.
3. Can be used for corporate branding and recruitment
One of the biggest challenges faced by construction companies is the lack of manpower.
While it is becoming difficult to recruit through recruitment media, by branding your company on SNS and becoming a fan,
“I want to work here! It is also a big attraction that you can think. Do you have any problems?
・️ In the past 1.2 years, the response to the measures so far has declined ・ ️ We want to strengthen recruitment due to labor shortage, but we have not been able to communicate our strengths
・️ We are relying on the portal site to attract customers, and we want to create a system that can get a response from our company. ・ ️ I want to increase the closing rate by transmitting the charm of the company and employees and creating fans
・️ I am using SNS, but the number of followers is not increasing. ・️ I’m using SNS and have some followers, but I can’t feel any effect on attracting customers.
Operation flow
1. Individual free consultation
First of all, please contact us from the following. A representative will contact you within the day.
We will conduct a hearing at an online conference and propose measures to attract customers that suit your company.
2. Account design
Based on the hearing at the individual free consultation,
We will design a specific account based on the current business and customer attraction issues.
3. Application
Create a quote and sign a contract.
If necessary, we will contact you directly to discuss the launch of the project. 4. Operation start
We analyze customers, competitors, and our company, and operate based on our operational know-how.
Based on numerical analysis, we identify bottlenecks in account growth and implement optimal measures.
5. Improvement measures
Each month, we hold individual meetings to review the results of operations and share future strategies.
Rate plan
We offer three price plans, starting with a monthly consulting plan of 100,000 yen.
Please feel free to contact us.
Click here for price plan inquiries
Operating company
Company name: Kaimaku Co., Ltd.
Location: Sagami Building 2F, 7-13-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: November 2020
Business description: Customer attraction support service specializing in the housing industry
Inquiries regarding this matter
Department in charge: Housing SNS Division
Email address:
Person in charge: Tsukamoto
Details about this release:


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