“Still step forward” production committee TV anime “Still step forward” Blu-ray first volume released

“Still Steps Come Closer” Production Committee
Blu-ray first volume of TV anime “Still steps are coming” released
Today, on October 19th, the first volume of the TV anime “Still steps are coming” Blu-ray was released!
In addition to the main part of the anime, the bonus video will be the “live broadcast just before the broadcast” delivered on YouTube before the anime broadcast.
In addition, the first-time inclusion benefits include a 24-page booklet containing a manga drawn by the original author Soichiro Yamamoto, an original soundtrack CD, and a special shogi piece set, so please check it out on Blu-ray!
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Even so, the steps are approaching Blu-ray Volume 1
Release date: October 19, 2022
Product number: PCXP-50895
Price: ¥17,600 (tax included)
Recording: 1-6 episodes recorded (144 minutes)
Publisher: Pony Canyon
◆ Specifications
・Three-sided back case drawn by Soichiro Yamamoto
・Digipack drawn by character designer Kazuya Hirata
◆ Video benefits
Special live distribution just before the broadcast (Cast: Kanna Nakamura, Hina Hitsujimiya, Kagetsu Mikawa)
◆ First time inclusion privilege
・ Sore Ayu special mini-mini color shogi (piece set) * The board is enclosed in the second volume
・24P special booklet [Original author: Soichiro Yamamoto’s newly drawn manga] ・Original soundtrack CD Vol.1 (21 tracks in total)
[Introduction of works]
Shogi beginner Tanaka Ayumu falls in love with Yaotome Urushi at first sight and joins the shogi club.
“If I win, I’ll confess to my senpai!”
On the other hand, Ayumu’s “aggressive posture” makes Urushi nervous inwardly… The shogi club, which has only two members, continues to have on-board and off-board tactics today…! ?
“Mr. Takagi who is good at teasing” Souichiro Yamamoto’s Muz-kyun “Battle outside the board” love comedy! !
[Distribution information]
Exclusive distribution on Amazon Prime Video
[Staff information]
Original: Soichiro Yamamoto (serialized in Kodansha’s “Weekly Shonen Magazine”) Director Mirai Minato
Series composition Deko Akao
Character design Kazuya Hirata
Art director Hidenori Nakahara
Color design Hayato Yoshida
Cinematographer Yutaro Kikuchi
3D Director Tsutomu Ogasawara
2D Works Yuko Shintani/Susumu Kashiwabara
Editing Yuji Kondo (REAL-T)
Sound Director Toru Kane
Music Jun Narita
Animation production SILVER LINK.
[Cast information]
Ayumu Tanaka: Yohei Azakami
Yaotome Lacquer: Kanna Nakamura
Kakuryu Takeru: Goda Tsubasa
Sakurako Mikage: Kina Hitsujimiya
Rin Kagawa: Kagetsu Mikawa
Maki: Kana Hanazawa
[Music information]
Opening: Tactics with a poker face
Vocals: Kana Hanazawa
Now On Sale!
Ending: 50 cm
Vocals: Urushi Yaotome (CV: Kanna Nakamura)
Now On Sale!
Official website: https://soreayu.com/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/soreayu_staff
Official PV 2nd: https://youtu.be/L57MI58_pPc
(C) Soichiro Yamamoto, Kodansha/”Still steps closer” Production Committee Details about this release:


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