Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental The leading role is apples and oranges in season now! “Strings Winter Parfait” with classic fruits as a first-class parfait

The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental
The leading role is now in season apples and mandarin oranges! “Strings Winter Parfait” with classic fruits as a first-class parfait Get intoxicated by the harmony of apples and oranges

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Located on the 26th floor above Shinagawa Station, the Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental is a luxury hotel with spectacular views of Tokyo. Tokyo, personally orchestrated.
Cafe & bar “Rhythmos” means “rhythm” in Latin. Just like a conductor leading an orchestra, Executive Pastry Chef Osada creates a harmony of resonating flavors with his experienced craftsmanship. We offer different variations for each season.
The main characters this time are apples and oranges. With the chef’s brilliant sense, the most delicious fruits of the season are sublimated into sophisticated first-class sweets.
Apple parfait looks like caramel apple pie! Add spices such as cinnamon and cardamom to the apple compote for a pleasant freshness. With respect to Japanese producers, I chose “Kogyoku” this time. “Kodama”, which has a dense and fragrant fruit, enhances its sweetness and flavor when sautéed or made into a compote.
The mandarin orange parfait is combined with three different flavors of cheese to create a rich cheesecake-like texture with a smooth citrus scent. The refreshing sweetness and sourness of the mandarin orange and fragrant rhinoceros jelly spreads in the deep and rich mouthfeel, and the refreshing aftertaste is impressive as the taste changes with each bite.
Spend a special time playing your own rhythm in the luxurious space symbolized by the open atrium and the warm hospitality of “Ryuthmos”. Apple & caramel parfait
Leaf pie & apple chips + 2 types of ice cream + 9 layers layered The caramel that goes well with the red ball is covered with ice cream accented with cinnamon flavor and rich chantilly. Parfait-style caramel apple pie? A delicious and new experience that can be said to be.
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Leaf pie & apple chips
Green apple and cardamom sorbet
caramel cinnamon ice cream
apple sauté
Fiantine Chocolat Rouge
caramel chantilly
Calvados Panna Cotta
Cranberry apple jelly & apple compote
mascarpone chantilly
Cranberry apple jelly & apple compote
caramel chantilly
Calvados custard
cranberry apple jelly

Mandarin Orange & Cheese Parfait
Orange almond tuile + 2 types of ice cream + 9 layers layered Kanagi rhinoceros, one of the three major fragrant woods along with Shinchoka and Yuko. The elegant and sweet scent is wrapped in sorbet and compote. You can enjoy different pairings of cream cheese, mascarpone, and fromage blanc cheese and mandarin oranges.
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orange almond tuile
creme d’ange
Mandarin Orange & Golden Mistletoe Sorbet
cheese ice cream
Mandarin orange compote of fragrant rhinoceros
kumquat compote
fiantine chocolate
cheese cream
Fromage Blanc Panna Cotta
Mandarin orange & fragrant rhinoceros jelly & orange compote mascarpone chantilly cream
Mandarin orange & fragrant rhinoceros jelly & orange compote pistachio chantilly cream
fiantine chocolate
cheese cream
Mandarin orange & fragrant rhinoceros jelly
“Strings Winter Parfait”
Period: November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) to January 17, 2023 (Tuesday) *Only “Apple & Caramel Parfait” will be served from December 16th (Friday) to 26th (Monday).
Location: Cafe & Bar “Ryuthmos” (26th floor)
Hours: 11:30-21:00 (L.O.)
Price (tax included, service charge not included):
Apple & caramel parfait 3,300 yen
Mandarin orange & cheese parfait 3,300 yen
Duo Parfait 6,490 yen (plan with 1 apple and 1 mandarin orange and 2 drinks of your choice)
* Reservations and inquiries: Official website or 03-5783-1258 (direct restaurant reservation)
※The image is an image.
*Prices shown include consumption tax and are subject to a 15% service charge. *Depending on the availability of ingredients, some menus and serving periods may change. Please note.
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◇ About Rhythmos
Rhythmos, which means “rhythm” in Greek, is a place where you can spend a relaxing and mature bar time in a chic space. A special time is waiting for you to carve your own rhythm there. From a cup of coffee, creative cocktails by our bartenders, to a curated selection of wines and spirits such as rare Scotch and Japanese whiskeys, we’ve got you covered throughout the day.
◇About “The Score Dining”
“The Score Dining” on the 26th floor is an area where four restaurants compete with each other in the “score” necessary to share music. A destination restaurant with creative gastronomy created by
award-winning star chefs. Cafe & Bar “Rhythmos”, which means “rhythm” in Greek, is the entrance that invites customers to the world of score dining. The Italian grill “Melodia” is inspired by the melody, which is one of the elements that make up music. Gradually inheriting the space and design of “Rhythmos”, the lighting floating in the air of “Melodya” reminds us of musical notes. “China Shadow”, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the panorama of Tokyo, offers a variety of Chinese dishes that combine new ingredients and essences based on authentic Chinese. And in the center of the atrium, between “Rhythmos” and “Melodia,” is Teppanyaki “Kazane”. “The Score Dining” presented by The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental is a one-of-a-kind
gastronomic contest that can be enjoyed above Shinagawa.
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The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental
General Manager Rebecca Thorne
Originally from New Zealand.
Joined IHG Hotels & Resorts (IHG) in 2006.
Arrived in Japan in August 2019 and worked as Deputy General Manager of The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental before becoming General Manager in January 2022. While demonstrating leadership at five IHG Group hotels in New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, etc., in 2017, IHG launched a new program “RISE” for female leaders to aim for general manager (general manager). and became the first female general manager from that program. Since then, she has continued to support and mentor other female leaders aiming to become general managers.
His hobbies include weightlifting and other physical and mental workouts. He loves beautiful nature such as the sea, mountains, and snow, and likes traveling to experience new cultures on vacation. He also values ​​community activities and actively participates in charity. I try to spend active days without staying in my comfort zone.
About The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental
A luxury hotel directly connected to the Konan Exit of Shinagawa Station in Tokyo. As one of the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, we provide a uniquely elegant and comfortable hotel experience with heartfelt hospitality through meticulous service tailored to each customer. The hotel boasts 203 guest rooms boasting spectacular views, four lively restaurants, cafes and bars, and state-of-the-art banquet facilities. In 2019, we undertook a large-scale renovation, including the Club InterContinental Lounge, which opened in September of the same year, and the dining destination, The Score Dining, which opened in December. It has been reborn as a space where you can play sounds so that you can feel the meaning everywhere. The new hotel concept is “Tokyo, personally orchestrated. We welcome many guests as a place where sophisticated travelers gather and comfortably surrender to the melody of the city. Details and the latest information of the hotel are introduced on the official website and SNS.
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