Style Bread A little extra arrangement with Pan & (Bando) soup! ! An ally of housewives who realizes time saving and guilt-free

style bread
Arrange a little with Pan & (Bando) soup! ! An ally of housewives who realizes time saving and guilt-free
[SNS campaign] Looking for original arrangement recipes

Pan & official online store (, a frozen bread brand that allows you to enjoy freshly baked bread at home, will use either soup or curry from Tuesday, October 11, 2022. We have started the SNS campaign “Pan & Soup Choi Grand Prix” to recruit arranged recipes. [Image 1

Pan&’s original soup is freshly made, using as many domestic ingredients as possible and without unnecessary additives. Why don’t you enjoy the arrangement by adding a little extra effort to the soup? Add a little arrangement and it’s more delicious.
Frozen food is convenient and easy to use. Do you feel guilty about using simple ingredients, including frozen foods, or using ready-made meals or eating out? According to a questionnaire, more than 30% of people feel guilty about “instant food”, “commercial side dishes”, “frozen food (pre-cooked)”, and “delivery”. [Surveyed by the food photo sharing app “Snapdish”]
I feel guilty about serving soups and side dishes just to warm up, but I can’t spend that much time cooking…
~ For those who are like that, please arrange “a little extra” and guilt free! ~ Use frozen soup even during your busy days to cut corners and cut corners. By all means, please apply for your recommended original arrangement recipe. The Grand Prix will be decided by the chef and the Pan & staff. The Grand Prix selection will be judged by the chef and Pan & staff belonging to the Kai House Club* and the Grand Prix will be decided. The winners will be presented with prizes that will help them in their daily lives.
* “Kai House Culinary Artist Club” (official name: Kai House Culinary Artist Club) is a members’ club for cooking class leaders operated by KAI, a global cutlery manufacturer. This campaign will be conducted in cooperation with Kai House Club.
A little extra Grand Prix campaign overview
Please suggest an arrangement recipe using either the soup or curry sold at the Pan&Online store.
The recipe must be the applicant’s original and must meet the following requirements.
・Those that make use of the original taste and ingredients of the soup. ・ Arrangement that can be easily reproduced even for beginner cooks, busy mornings, and dinner after returning home tired from work. ・Cooking time is within 15 minutes.
Staff’s “a little extra example”
[Image 2d12525-89-e365b0d92db31e1e0ab8-1.jpg&s3=12525-89-55fcb006098d9cde169ec8d2bf50a74b-1024x683.jpg
Topped with nuts and chestnuts! Autumn Creamy Pumpkin Potage Recruitment period: From October 11, 2022 (Tuesday) to November 18, 2022 (Friday) 23:59
[Image 3d12525-89-8535a5157c5f78d89033-2.jpg&s3=12525-89-903972538b44103ac6f3b2ead616cbfa-629x316.jpg
● Grand Prix (1 person)
Pan & Seasonal Bread and Soup Set + KAI Broad Beans Bread Knife Semi-Grand Prix (3 people)
Pan & Seasonal Bread Assortment Set + Kaijirushi Butter 5g Cut Storage Case ●Special prize (8 winners)
Kaijirushi Butter knife that melts and cuts with the heat of your hands The announcement of the Grand Prix judging will be announced on the Pan& online store around mid-January 2023. We will contact the winners by direct message from the Pan& official account.
◆ How to apply
1. Follow Pan& official account (Instagram: @stylebread1923 Twitter: @stylebread_life)
2. Post with your own account
~Required content~
・Photo of the finished dish
・ Posted text (recipe name / ingredients / method) ・ Hashtag “# bread soup” About regular purchase “selectable regular flights”
“Selectable regular delivery” is a convenient and affordable subscription service for freshly baked bread that delivers your favorite bread and side dishes on a regular basis. You can freely choose the products to be delivered each time, and you can change the delivery time at any time. We offer a large number of special benefits limited to regular flight users that you can choose from. In addition, there are some items that are limited to regular purchases, but you can also purchase them as regular purchases.
What is “Pan &”?
Bread made with carefully selected ingredients and traditional methods is quickly frozen in its freshly baked state to create the finest petit bread. Freshly baked bread that is ready to eat will enrich your life.
The time to open the envelope and bake fresh bread is strangely prepping. We aim to create a special bread that rewards yourself by
incorporating the feeling of “waiting” or “finishing” into your life for just a few minutes and regaining your pace.
Official online store:
Company Profile
[Image 4d12525-89-b644c0ad6b1afe2c3b0b-3.jpg&s3=12525-89-e84737fc0cb3b5f2d9a116ca56ec2bcd-2000x1333.jpg
Company name: Style Bread Co., Ltd.
Established: May 2006
Representative: Satoshi Tanaka, Representative Director
Capital: 50 million yen
Business: Manufacture and sale of bread
Style Bread Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells “Pan &”, is a bakery company that has been in business since the Taisho era in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. About 20 years ago, the current president, Satoshi Tanaka, when he was still a bakery worker, visited a frozen bread factory in the United States. In 2006, we started selling frozen bread as Style Bread Co., Ltd.
We use homemade fermented seeds – Kiryu yeast – and carefully selected ingredients, and we manufacture our bread every day at our own factory in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. .
We have sold more than 3,500 commercial products to the restaurant industry, mainly hotels and restaurants. In March 2018, we launched the consumer brand “Pan&” based on Style Bread’s corporate philosophy of “Creating quality time through bread and creating luxury in the heart through bread.” Precisely because we are busy every day, we will propose a new lifestyle with bread that combines quality and economy. Details about this release:


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