Summit Co., Ltd. Dan Brown’s in-store bakery at Summit Store New product announcement for October

Summit Co., Ltd.
Summit store in-store bakery Dan Brown new product announcement for October
The freshly baked bread shop “Dan Brown” has a lineup of four new products. We have a wide range of products that you can enjoy with food in various situations, such as Halloween events, as well as meals. Please give it a try.
1. New item
Cheese butter [Released on Saturday, October 1]
[Image 1

-Recommended points from development buyer Nagashima-
[Image 2

By adding red cheddar cheese to rough diced cheese, it has a deep flavor. Two kinds of cheese are mixed, and you can enjoy the difference in taste every time you eat a bite. The presence of cheese stands out even in the cross section when cut, making it an
irresistible product for cheese lovers.
-Selling price-
358 yen per bottle (price including tax: 386.64 yen)
1/2 188 yen (Price including tax: 203.04 yen)
Onion Cheese Bread [Released on Monday, October 3]
[Image 3

-Recommended points from development buyer Nagashima-
Soft batter mixed with cheese is topped with onions, cheese, bacon and mayonnaise. By wrapping it in paper and baking it, it has a moist texture. The aroma of toasted cheese and black pepper sprinkled on the finish will whet your appetite. Because it has a notch, you can eat it even if you tear it off.
-Selling price-
298 yen (price including tax: 321.84 yen)
Kanefuku Hakata Mentaiko France [Released on Monday, October 10] [Image 4

-Recommended points from development buyer Nagashima-
Fragrantly toasted French bread topped with mildly spicy mentaiko is an appetizing French bread. We use Hakata Mentaiko from Kanefuku, which is well known by our customers. Enjoy the tangy mentaiko and rich butter flavor.
-Selling price-
168 yen (Price including tax: 181.44 yen)
Halloween Cookies [Released on Monday, October 10]
[Image 5

-Recommended points from Seki, the buyer in charge of development- [Image 6

A caramel-flavored cookie baked in-house with a cute jack-o-lantern. Perfect as a snack for Halloween events or as a gift for children. * Sales will end as soon as the raw materials are exhausted. -Selling price-
128 yen for 2 (Price including tax: 138.24 yen)
Ham & cream cheese croissant [Released on Monday, October 17] [Image 7d47928-237-3a9b675d00b9305d9d5e-4.jpg&s3=47928-237-2dd4d33de0bd1cf72538fa1752639328-398x397.jpg
-Recommended points from the buyer in charge of development, Watanabe- [Image 8d47928-237-a14de8cc304b0da9bb88-14.jpg&s3=47928-237-07ba757d69d7374fa51e92bc1543bbfb-2753x2064.jpg
Cream cheese and ham from Hokkaido wrapped in crispy pie crust. The saltiness of the ingredients and the sweetness of the dough are a perfect match, making it addictive.
-Selling price-
148 yen (Price including tax: 159.84 yen)
2. Sales period
Scheduled to be on sale about 2 months after release
*Product lineup may end early due to fairs and other reasons. 3. Handling stores
Dan Brown 86 stores (Summit store in-store bakery)
4. storefront poster
[Image 9d47928-237-331482ff97a495ac3096-5.jpg&s3=47928-237-2ce74724abda0caf95eb4c47e04d7d65-1192x1686.jpg
5. “Dan Brown” and other recommended products
You can check it from the summit homepage “special products”.
Details about this release:


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