Sun Sun Kids TV has started a tie-up collaboration with “Mitsuboshi Farm”, a simple 5-minute home-cooked lunch box! Collaboration commemorative campaign! ?

aquwa Co., Ltd.
Sun Sun Kids TV has started a tie-up collaboration with “Mitsuboshi Farm”, a simple 5-minute home-cooked lunch box! Collaboration commemorative campaign! ? -YouTube channel for families with 1.06 million subscribers-
A popular YouTube channel for families and a simple 5-minute lunch box with plenty of vegetables have started tying up!

Aquwa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Kazuya Sasaki), a popular YouTube channel for families operated by “Sun Sun Kids TV”
( We are pleased to announce that a tie-up collaboration with the company Ingliwood (located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) has started a tie-up collaboration with “Mitsuboshi Farm”, a simple 5-minute home-cooked lunch service, from October 20th (Thursday).
[Image 1

You can eat freshly cooked rice every day! A tie-up collaboration between “Mitsuboshi Farm”, a simple 5-minute home meal service, and “Sun Sun Kids TV”, a YouTube channel for kids and families with 1.06 million registrants and over 1.8 billion total views!
Both adults and children love it! Healthy and delicious with plenty of vegetables! Sansan and others actually eat many of the menus! ? Mitsuboshi Farm’s “side dish regular service” is introduced on Sun Sun Kids TV♪
In addition, we introduce the recommended menu ranking of Sansan and Kumorin on the special page of Mitsuboshi Farm! Read the reviews of Sansan and eat the same menu that caught your attention!
In addition, to commemorate the tie-up collaboration with Sun Sun Kids TV, a 2,000 yen OFF campaign will be held for the first time! Until 12:00 on Monday, November 7, 2022 ♪
For details, check the Sun Sun Kids TV tie-up special page!
Mitsuboshi Farm Sun Sun Kids TV tie-up special page

Click here for the first collaboration video of Mitsuboshi Farm x Sun Sun Kids TV!
【Halloween! ] Sansan Kumorin, who can’t cook, trains to become a three-star restaurant! Magic in the microwave oven! ? House party ♪ Kitchen Cooking House / Halloween ★ Sun Sun Kids TV ★
[Video 2:]
The second collaboration video of Mitsuboshi Farm x Sun Sun Kids TV will be released on Thursday, October 27!

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What is Sun Sun Kids TV

[Image 2d36243-125-c2e220991649d004b566-2.png&s3=36243-125-451463a3e2409af56f43e6f736f61979-784x165.png
[Image 3d36243-125-5ad5b158566d064437c0-5.jpg&s3=36243-125-4b33a882b498d24929fdf4fe17779e49-1920x1970.jpg

It is a popular YouTube video channel with 1.03 million subscribers and 1.8 billion total views, aiming to provide a fun learning experience for children aged 3 to 6 (as of July 2022).
Sun Sun Kids TV uploads a variety of videos that parents and children can enjoy, such as drawing, singing, crafts, and playing with toys, so that children with a strong sense of curiosity and an adventurous spirit can grow up with a smile.

List of official sites
● Official website
●Official goods site

List of official SNS
● Instagram (four-panel comic)
●Instagram (for PR)

Character introduction
sun sun
[Image 4d36243-125-361bd66e90ba7e8adb6d-4.png&s3=36243-125-d95b69a83e63bf83f7536c9e15d566bf-1150x1000.png
Recently, he is a 6-year-old sun boy who is brilliantly playing the role of Tsukkomi, and although he is a little unreliable, he is loved by everyone.
The height is three tomatoes, the weight is two tomatoes, and he loves omelet rice♪
The contents of the stomach chuck are a secret to anyone!

Cloudy phosphorus
[Image 5d36243-125-480b3d3961f345b1df7e-1.png&s3=36243-125-763063818c00b61463f78a8b2b2966d6-1150x1000.png
A 6-year-old cloud boy who is full of curiosity and extremely clumsy. He is good friends with Sansan and is always with him.
He is gluttonous, forgetful, and careless, and is always slapstick. I love bananas♪

Company Profile

[Image 6d36243-125-975f692aa3f704ab083a-3.png&s3=36243-125-5091f0110049935326536d62c2e59f16-1920x1080.png
aquwa Co., Ltd. is a group that continues to create and disseminate “content that delivers what you want to deliver to where you want to deliver”, with the mission of “creating “interesting” and spreading “interesting”” from a multifaceted perspective. .
We operate the YouTube channel “Sun Sun Kids TV” for children and families, produce video content centered on YouTube, develop manga video business, YouTube marketing / consulting business, PR video / content, etc.
・Foundation date: August 2014
・ Company location: Room 601, Yoyogi Izumi Mansion, 1-44-4 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
・Representative Director: Kazuya Sasaki
・ Official website:

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