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Supporters Releases “Ranking of Job Seekers for Engineering Students Graduated in 2024”

Supporters Co., Ltd.
Supporters Releases “Ranking of Job Seekers for Engineering Students Graduated in 2024”

Supporters Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hiromitsu Kaede), a group company of CARTA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., which develops career support business, has released the “Ranking of companies seeking employment for engineer students graduated in 2024”. [Image 1d45025-23-e738ee83921c83b79596-0.png&s3=45025-23-54cfb24541f1b6dfffb01a7eee337280-1200x630.png
In the “2024 graduate engineer student ranking of companies that want to work”, engineers scheduled to graduate in 2024 (* 1) registered with Supporters will be selected from August 29, 2022 (Monday) to September 2022. A web questionnaire survey was conducted over the 11th (Sunday), and 413 responses were obtained. Supporters scored and totaled the companies selected by students with 1st to 5th priority. (*2)
Below is the ranking of the TOP30. This survey will be conducted for the first time this year, and we plan to conduct continuous surveys from the following year onwards.
*1 Students with programming experience or who wish to work as engineers *2 This ranking targets about 200 companies, mainly those using Supporters. Overall TOP 30 ranking of companies seeking employment for 2024 graduates of engineering students
[Image 2d45025-23-53136f46b259a0350ea0-1.jpg&s3=45025-23-243493c4391b3fa371d41f012b3d9e9d-1200x800.jpg

Consideration of survey results of “Ranking of companies seeking employment for 2024 graduates of engineering students”
・CyberAgent ranked first in the first year of the survey. As a result, many web-related business companies are listed in the TOP30. CyberAgent won the first place in the “Ranking of Job Seekers for Engineer Students Graduated in 2024”. Starting with that, about half of the top 30 are venture companies that operate web services, indicating the deep-rooted popularity of web-related business companies among engineering students. On the other hand, companies that focus on summer interns, such as Sony and NTT Data, rank high among companies other than web-based companies.
・ About CyberAgent, which won the first place
In recent years, CyberAgent has adopted a policy of hiring and training “human resources with room for growth” as it expands the number of new graduate engineer hires. We are also focusing on efforts to develop student engineers, such as sponsoring “BIT VALLEY” and co-sponsoring the “Technical Education Project”.
Please take a look at this interview about CyberAgent’s efforts. Interview: “80% of employees become full-fledged within a year of joining CyberAgent, the reason why new graduate engineers can grow rapidly”
・ Recruitment PR activities for web-based business companies In addition to the increasing popularity of web services, the continuous recruiting and public relations activities of each company have a major impact on the background of many web-related companies ranking in.
CyberAgent, DeNA, GMO Internet Group, Yumemi, CARTA HOLDINGS, and Accenture are the 6 of the WEB business companies ranked in the TOP 30 this time. We support the skills and careers of student engineers through support for tech conferences, pitch contests, hackathons, etc. increase.
Through such activities, it is thought that raising awareness among student engineers and improving the brand will be one of the major factors.
Please take a look at this interview about the efforts of Yumemisha, which ranked 17th.
“Recruitment-driven management” that pushed Yumemi to the top 10 tech brands
・ There is also a problem that IT human resources are biased toward the IT industry
On the other hand, in Japan, more than 70% of IT human resources are employed in the IT industry, which is a remarkably high percentage compared to other countries. However, the fact that it is difficult for IT human resources to find employment outside the IT industry is also a major issue from the perspective of promoting DX (digital transformation).
In this ranking, all of the top 30 companies are in the IT industry, and it seems that improving the recognition/branding of companies outside the IT industry will be an issue in the future.
[Image 3d45025-23-418a6699ce8a9d33c5e5-2.png&s3=45025-23-26d3aa227c1804a7642bce0f3c4d9de8-1570x670.png
(From the Cabinet Office “2020 Annual Economic and Fiscal Report” Industries in which IT human resources are engaged)
Overview of the survey “Ranking of companies seeking employment for 2024 graduates of engineering students”
Investigator: Supporters Co., Ltd.
Survey period: August 29, 2022 (Monday) to September 11, 2022 (Sunday) Survey target: Survey of supporters registered students who are scheduled to graduate in 2024
Number of valid responses: 413
Survey method: Web questionnaire
* Voters select up to 5 company names from the 1st to 5th companies, and the supporters point and tally
* This ranking targets about 200 companies, mainly those using Supporters. About supporters
Supporters was established in April 2012 as a subsidiary of CARTA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (former VOYAGE GROUP Co., Ltd.) under the vision of “increasing cool adults.” In order to solve the problem of job hunting costs, which is the biggest burden in job hunting, we started as the first job hunting support service in Japan that can receive support money. It is used by more than 100 sponsors. In particular, we boast the largest number of registrations and events in Japan as support for hiring new graduates in engineering positions, and we hold
approximately 200 events annually.
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