Survey on mini-theater movies More than 60% of the chances to learn about popular movies are from “Twitter ”

Flag Co., Ltd.
[Survey on mini-theater movies] More than 60% of the chances to learn about popular movies are from “Twitter”
As a joint project with FLAG Co., Ltd. and Japan’s largest movie, drama and animation review service “Filmarks”, we conducted a survey of viewing behavior and awareness of mini-theater movie fans.
Flag Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiroaki Kubo, hereinafter referred to as our company), which is responsible for the comprehensive production of digital marketing, including digital promotion of movies and entertainment contents, is the movie industry that was hit hard by the corona disaster. In particular, in order to excite mini-theater movies, we conducted a survey with the aim of understanding the viewing trends of mini-theater movie fans and extracting elements that promote viewing.
Before conducting the questionnaire survey
The survey was conducted with the cooperation of Filmarks, one of Japan’s largest movie, drama, and anime review services operated by Tsumiki Co., Ltd. (President: Takayuki Suzuki, Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo). Implemented as a target. Based on the results obtained this time, we plan to conduct further research as a joint project with Filmarks and Tsumiki, aiming to research and operate effective marketing methods for mini-theater movies.
Summary of survey results
The survey was conducted for 3,000 Filmarks members. 28.8% of the respondents answered that they use Filmarks multiple times a day, and 77.9% answered that they use it every day or once every 2-3 days. 42.1% watch a mini theater movie at least once a month
“Cinema”, “Fimarks”, and “Twitter” are the triggers for recognizing mini-theater movies
“Twitter” (61.4%) overwhelmingly followed by “Filmarks” (83.5%) as an opportunity to learn about movies that are currently a hot topic 73.4% use SNS to gather information on new overseas movies that have not yet been released in Japan.
The decisive factor for viewing is the 5 major elements of “trailer”, “director/cast/staff”, “story”, “word of mouth”, and “poster”. 46.1% answered “3 days before” and 24.4% answered “1-2 weeks before” when deciding when to watch movies at a movie theater.
Outline of survey implementation
Conducted in July 2022 for 3,000 Filmarks members regarding the frequency of watching mini-theater movies and behavior before and after watching.
[Survey planning] Flag Co., Ltd., Intertext Co., Ltd.
[Inspection subject] Filmarks (Tsumiki Co., Ltd.)
[Survey period] July 6, 2022 to July 9, 2022
[Survey method] Internet survey (research ASP)
[Survey target] Sampling by e-mail notification to Filmarks members [Number of valid responses] 3,000 / Male: 1,429 (47.6%), Female: 1,537 (51.2%), Others: 34 (1.1%)
[Sample characteristics] 20s: mainly 1,600 (53.3%), 30s: 761 (25.4%) *Regarding mini-theater movies, this time we focused on foreign movies, excluding Japanese movies.
*Regarding the definition of mini-theater movies, in this survey, we defined large-scale movies as movies with large-scale promotional activities, and mini-theater movies as others.
Survey results
Trends in viewing mini-theater movies
■ Frequency of watching mini-theater movies at movie theaters [Image 1

■Frequently watched mini-theater movie genres
[Image 2

42.1% watch a mini theater movie at least once a month.
There is no big bias in the genres that they often watch, and it can be seen that they appreciate a wide variety of works rather than choosing them in a specific genre.

What influences the recognition of mini-theater films?
■ Triggers for recognizing mini-theater movies are “cinema”, “Fimarks”, and “Twitter”
[Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

80.6% of respondents said that they learned about mini-theater movies (notice/poster/flyer), followed by 77.3% of ‘Fimarks’ and 59.0% of ‘Twitter’.
Of these, the most influential factors for learning about mini-theater movies were 1st place: “Filmarks” at 29.7%, 2nd place: “Twitter” at 24.6%, and 3rd place: “Movie theaters” (notice/poster/flyer). at 15.5%.
■ 61.4% of people found out about “movies that are currently trending” on Twitter.
[Image 6

83.5% of respondents answered “Filmarks” and then “Twitter” accounted for 61.4% as the reason for finding out about popular movies. This is followed by “Web media” at 31.8%.
■ More than 70% of people are gathering information about new overseas movies (release in Japan undecided)
[Image 7

[Image 8

73.4% gathered information on new overseas movies before their release in Japan was decided, mainly on movies that became a hot topic on SNS and information on overseas film festivals and awards such as the Academy Awards. It has become.
What influences viewing decisions
■ The five major factors that determine the viewing experience are the trailer, staff cast, story, word of mouth, and poster.
[Image 9

It can be said that the decisive factor when watching a mini-theater movie in a movie theater is the five major factors of “trailer / special video”, “staff / cast”, “story”, “word of mouth”, and “poster”. .
■ 46.1% of respondents decided to watch movies at the movie theater “three days before the day”
[Image 10

After watching a mini-theater movie, about 70% post their impressions of the work on Filmarks and check reviews. Furthermore, “Mark! (I watched)” is checked and “★Score” is entered. Based on these results, it can be seen that there is a certain cycle from recognition of the work to appreciation of the work at the movie theater as a trend of fans of mini-theater movies.
● Find out about new movies on Filmarks, Twitter, and movie theaters ●Using social media to gather information on mini-theater movies both in Japan and overseas
●After watching the movie at the movie theater, post your impressions on Filmarks and check the reviews of other users.
●Check movies that interest you on movie theaters, Filmarks, and Twitter Toward realization of effective digital marketing operations Although the use of data throughout the film industry and the development of promotional strategies based on it have been actively carried out so far, the amount of data for mini-theater films and works called single theaters is small, and the amount of data is small, similar to major works. It was difficult to put together a marketing strategy.
As a company engaged in the purchase, distribution, and promotion of mini-theater movies, this survey was conducted with the aim of understanding the viewing trends of mini-theater movie fans and extracting elements that promote viewing. increase. In the future, we plan to conduct further research to realize effective digital marketing operations for mini-theater movies.
■ About Flag Co., Ltd.
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【Company Profile】
Company name: Flag Co., Ltd.
Location: Shibuya Bridge 6F, 1-29-3 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011 Representative: Hiroaki Kubo
Established: January 2004
Business description:
■ Digital promotion business
■ Creative Solution Business
■ IP content business
■ About Filmarks
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Japan’s largest movie, drama, and anime review service.
Based on the function to easily check and post reviews of works, it is used by many people as a “record of viewing works”, “notes and memorandums of works that you want to see”, and “a communication tool that allows you to enjoy sharing impressions and information on works”. You are using it.
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