Sustainable Labo Co., Ltd. Human Capital Ranking 2022 ITOCHU, Recruit Holdings, and Mitsubishi Corporation ranked high

Sustainable Lab Co., Ltd.
[Human Capital Ranking 2022] ITOCHU Corporation, Recruit Holdings, and Mitsubishi Corporation ranked high
High ratio of female employees and executive officers, employee satisfaction, etc.

Sustainable Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Renji Hirase; hereinafter referred to as Sustainable Lab) analyzes data related to corporate human capital using AI and big data. Ranking 2022″ will be announced. This ranking covers approximately 1,800 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime.
Background of the announcement of the “Human Capital Ranking 2022” On August 30, 2022, the Cabinet Secretariat announced the “Guidelines for Visualizing Human Capital,” which indicates the direction of information disclosure regarding corporate human capital. On the 31st, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) announced its “Financial Administration Policy for the 2022 Operational Year,” which clearly stated that it would work to enhance non-financial information, including human capital, and review quarterly disclosure of corporate information. rice field. In this way, in order to deepen mutual understanding among management, investors, employees, and other stakeholders and increase corporate value over the long term, it is becoming essential to explain human resource strategies and disclose quantitative information on human resources. There is a growing movement to visualize public capital.
Since its founding, Sustainable Lab has specialized in visualizing corporate non-financial information, supporting the movement to visualize human capital, and illuminating “strong and friendly” companies that pursue economic strength and are socially responsible. Therefore, we decided to announce the “Human Capital Ranking 2022”, which was analyzed and scored using AI and big data.
“Human Capital Ranking 2022” Top 50 companies
The top 50 companies in the 2022 Human Capital Score ranking are: [Image 1d52578-52-115da64b824f8f2ce5a5-0.png&s3=52578-52-29d541cea6c2dc0b16aa0246af2a0abd-1976x1320.png
[Image 2d52578-52-5cca47185d346476ffcb-1.png&s3=52578-52-389f661e403e35c97c4e6c60037ba0aa-1974x1240.png
[Image 3d52578-52-473f95658d2bf0bab463-2.png&s3=52578-52-15a525bac0b6512df985b1b9c85c6e59-1974x828.png
[Image 4d52578-52-97f7cc5da23b4cd57a1b-3.png&s3=52578-52-44b6f2257ffc0a49298dcfcf8359aaea-1972x840.png
・The top three companies (ITOCHU Corporation, Recruit Holdings, and Mitsubishi Corporation) in the “Human Capital Score” ranking tended to have high female employee ratios, employee satisfaction, and various systems. rice field.
・Four companies in the trading and distribution industries ranked within the top 10 have a common feature in that they have a high ratio of female employees and female executive officers.
・ ITOCHU Corporation, which ranked first, will set up a “Committee for Promotion of Women’s Participation” from October 2021 as one of the voluntary advisory committees of the board of directors. We are accelerating the appointment of female personnel to managerial positions, and the number of managers increased from 35 as of April 2021 to 46 as of April 2022, and the appointment of women to important positions is also progressing. The situation is disclosed.
・Recruit Holdings, which ranked second, has a female employee ratio of 48% and a female hiring ratio of 45%, which is close to half of men and women. The percentage of female managers equivalent to section chiefs, which was 10% in 2006, will rise to 30% in fiscal 2022 (Recruit alone in fiscal 2022). In 2008, we also established a nursery school within the company’s premises, providing generous support for working mothers.
・Mitsubishi Corporation, which came in 3rd place, established a career support system, such as a mentor system, for female employees in management positions, and implemented measures to increase their motivation and broaden their horizons. In addition to childcare leave, the policy for proactive human resource development throughout the organization is disclosed, such as providing leave for children’s school events and nursing care leave, and focusing on supporting both overseas assignments and life events.
In addition to “human capital,” the Sustainable Lab collects and analyzes various corporate data related to ESG, such as “climate change,” “waste,” “worker rights,” and “diversity.” We provide services that can help you.
■ ESG/SDGs visualization tool for business companies
“TERRAST for Enterprise β (T4E)”
[Image 5d52578-52-d8b6667d775725c8ab7a-4.png&s3=52578-52-4f997f3fb8cef0cd897e5fd31edc9112-2588x1034.png
■ Non-financial data bank for financial institutions and consulting firms “TERRAST β”
[Image 6d52578-52-8a6d5d360b3aa083b13b-5.png&s3=52578-52-8003be1e342eff698c4d78d8867235a0-2754x1046.png

About the scoring method
About the scoring method ・This company ranking analyzes and scores data related to human capital of approximately 1,839 Prime listed companies, and lists the top 50 companies with the highest scores. ・Ratio of female employees, ratio of employees with disabilities, ratio of female members on the board of directors, ratio of female executive officers, age of the youngest director, ratio of independent directors, employee satisfaction, ratio of paid vacation use, level of compensation, and ratio of employees We analyze data using indicators related to corporate human capital, such as growth system completeness and monthly overtime hours per employee.
・The data used for data analysis is fact-based, which is
mathematically modeled using AI based on information (objective facts) extracted from disclosure materials such as corporate integrated reports, web content, and other open data. It is a neutral, objective figure of In addition, as a third-party organization, Sustainable Lab evaluates subjects fairly and neutrally using “explainable and non-personal mathematical models”.
Sustainable Lab Co., Ltd.
We are the only non-financial big data group in Japan specializing in SDGs / ESG by people from the fields of data science x sustainability x financial engineering.
With a vision of “Towards the world appreciating all
sustainabilities”, it is a non-financial data platform that uses big data and AI to quantify the environmental and social contributions of companies that are easy to talk about qualitatively. , The beta version of “TERRAST” ( for financial institutions and consulting firms will be available for a fee from December 2021. In June 2022, we will launch the beta version of “TERRAST for Enterprise” ( for business corporations. Company name: Sustainable Lab Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Renji Hirase
Location: FINOLAB, 4th floor, Otemachi Building, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Business description: Providing a non-financial data platform specializing in ESG/SDGs and research and development related to corporate value including non-financial information Established: January 2019
Official website:
Recruitment site:
Services provided:
→ Non-financial data bank for financial institutions and consulting firms 2. TERRAST for Enterprise β
→ ESG/SDGs visualization tool for business companies
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