Suzuki Eikodo Co., Ltd. New autumn and winter limited products “Hitorijime Sweets Fragrant Caramel” and “magokoro Almond Caramelized Chocolate” will be released from October 3 (Monday)

Suzuki Eikodo Co., Ltd.
From October 3 (Monday), autumn and winter limited products
“Hitorijime Sweets Fragrant Caramel” and “magokoro Almond Caramelized Chocolate” will be released.

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Suzuki Eikodo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, CEO: Den Suzuki) will launch a limited-edition product from the chocolate brand “Hitorijime Sweets” to “Hitorijime Sweets Aroma” from October 3rd (Monday). Caramel” and “magokoro” will release “magokoro almond caramelized chocolate” nationwide. Hitorijime sweets will have a new package design from autumn/winter 2022. Now you can feel more luxury and sizzle.
● Hitorijime Sweets
Since its release in 2013, it has been loved by many people as a reward chocolate for themselves, such as between housework or work, or at the end of the day, made by mixing carefully selected ingredients into chocolate that melts in the mouth.
The package design has been renewed from October 2022. By adding luster to the stripes on the package and reducing the overall tone, it expresses a sense of luxury. A new brand design was created to express the melting of chocolate in the mouth.
As a brand that delivers sweetness and kindness with high-quality sweets that are particular about the ingredients, such as chocolate coating of fruits and nuts and assorted chocolates, for family gatherings and small gatherings with friends, it has been well received by many people. I’m here. “Magokoro Finger Chocolate”, which has been well received for a long time, will be released in October 2022 with the package design unified with other products.
We aim to further increase the number of fans by releasing the “fragrant caramel” and “almond caramelized chocolate” that are perfect for the season.
“Hitorijime Sweets Fragrant Caramel”
Bitter caramel-flavored chocolate topped with cocoa cookies and almond praline. Finished with a chocolate that you can enjoy the crispy texture and the fragrant caramel flavor that is typical of autumn and winter. The package is based on the image of caramel, with the addition of images of cookies and almonds.
“magokoro almond caramelized chocolate”
Almonds mixed with burnt caramel and coated with caramel-flavored chocolate. By adding caramel, the taste of almonds is enhanced, creating a fragrant and mature taste. The saltiness of Lorraine rock salt is the accent. The package has an image of caramel and almonds based on almond-conscious colors.
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【Product Summary】
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