Suzuki Herb Laboratory Co., Ltd. Information paper that disseminates waste hair care and skin care according to the season is paperless. The WEB version of “Feel Herb” will officially launch on October 28.

Suzuki Herb Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Paperless information paper that disseminates waste hair care and skin care according to the season. The WEB version of “Feel Herb” will officially launch on October 28.
Reduced over 2.54 million sheets of A4 paper per year! Efforts to achieve SDGs
Suzuki Herb Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokai-mura, Ibaraki / President: Sachiyo Suzuki), which develops and sells cosmetics using natural herbs, transmits skin care methods for each season and a culture that enriches life. We have launched the information site “Feel Herb” in earnest. Since November 2015, we have been sending out seasonal catalogs mainly on skin care methods in paper media, but we will deliver information that enriches your life more than ever on the web without space limitations. We hope that by going paperless this time, we will be able to help protect the environment, even if just a little, by reducing the use of more than 2,548,000 sheets of A4 paper annually.
[Image 1

WEB version “Feel Herb” full-scale launch
Feel Herb:

[Background of “Feel Herb” WEB version development]
“Feel Herb” is a paper-based seasonal catalog that has been sent to our members only every season since November 2015. We used to send seasonal information four times a year, but from the perspective of environmental conservation, we gradually prepared to go paperless and published some articles on our website. With the renewal on October 28, 2022, paper distribution was completely stopped, and “Feel Herb” was reborn as a web media, making it paperless.
[By disseminating information on the WEB, the content is also enhanced] By disseminating information on a web page with no space limitations, we have increased the number of new contents that enrich our lives, such as culture. In the future, in addition to articles that help eliminate seasonal skin problems, we will update articles that propose lifestyles based on our spirit.
◇ Contents
Information is divided into 6 categories.
1. Skin care
About skin care for spring, summer, autumn and winter
2. Unwanted hair care*1
Regarding body hair, how to care for unwanted hair according to the season*1 *1: Unwanted hair care is to prepare the skin after removing unwanted hair and make it easier to care for.
3. Testimonials
Customer testimonials that are also popular in print media
4. From the laboratory
Introduction of initiatives aimed at a sustainable society, staff blogs, etc. 5. Culture
Articles written by Ms. Sakurako Goto, a curator at the Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, on the theme of “Recommended art that brings joy to life.”
6. Herbs
Events at our herb garden and more
◇Site URL
◇ Site logo
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“Feel Herb” logo mark
It is an image of a natural breeze. Looking towards the future, I also put in my prayers that the wind blows that will make everyone smile. Two of our employees worked together to create a handwritten character that resembles fluttering in the wind, combined with an original windmill motif.
◇ Site image
[Image 3

“Feel Herb” WEB version

[About Suzuki Herb Laboratory]
At Suzuki Herb Research Institute, we use the power of herbs nurtured by nature and the power of science created by humans to research, develop, and sell “skin care that awakens the skin’s natural beauty.” We do not rely on images or appearances, and we are pursuing products that can truly be used with ingredients and concentrations that can only be realized by our research institute. We continue to stick to the scientifically backed realism.
The “Pineapple Soy Milk Series”, which is researched and developed by our company and leads to beautiful skin while caring for unwanted hair*1, is supported by a wide range of people. Among them, “Pineapple Soy Milk Lotion”, which was born in 2004, is a long-selling lotion for more than 18 years as “unwanted hair care * 1 just by applying”. *1: Unwanted hair care is to prepare the skin after removing unwanted hair and make it easier to care for.
[Image 4d76897-27-667768db3cc6d888aa3c-3.jpg&s3=76897-27-29bb3918e9d01d88237cb5344da29e3e-3900x2601.jpg
Pineapple soy milk series
*In addition to the products in the photo on the left, there is also a “whitening line”.
*The soap in the photo is from the old package.

【Company Profile】
[Image 5d76897-27-3e799e5acd30bba89022-4.jpg&s3=76897-27-16d2b1a7be5983c90b6b357be4d071d3-1024x586.jpg
Suzuki Herb Laboratory Building
Suzuki Herb Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Sachiyo Suzuki
Head office location: 2461 Muramatsu, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1112 URL:
Year of establishment: September 2004
Number of employees: 45
Business: R&D and sales of cosmetics

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