SynchroArt Foundation [saf] “The East Sea is next to the west” The last day of the art exchange exhibition for Chinese artists living in Japan has been postponed until the 13th! ! Introducing the exhibiting artists!

SynchroArt Foundation [saf]
“Tokai is next to the west” The final day of the art exchange exhibition for Chinese artists living in Japan has been postponed until the 13th! ! Introducing the exhibiting artists!
“The East Sea is next to the West” comes from a poem in the Tang Dynasty of China, and is a proof of the establishment of friendly diplomatic relations between China and Japan at that time.

The SynchroArt Foundation (Founder: Daichi Sakamoto, Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as saf) actively engages in international art exchange between Japan and overseas. A special event “Tokai is next to the west” will be held for
We are currently holding a special event “Tokai wa Nishin” at saf gallery, the final day will be postponed until the 13th! ! This time, we will introduce 9 artists in the exhibition.
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exhibition artist
Shu Chien Graduated from China Academy of Art Mural Painting Laboratory in 2014, studied abroad in Japan in 2016, completed Joshibi University of Art and Design Graduate School of Japanese Painting in 2020, currently working as an art visa artist. 2021 ZEN Exhibition, Toido Fuso–Japanese Painting Exchange Exhibition for Chinese Art Students, 2022 New Spring Exhibition, Japanese Painting Exhibition “It’s Summer” Theme Group Exhibition, Bi no Ya Student Selection Exhibition. 2019 1st Minna no Art Exhibition Featured Work Award, Gion Arts and Sports Promotion Scholarship, 2020 4th Minna no Art Exhibition Minato Grand Prize, Completion work “Tonight’s Moon” Won Joshibi University of Art and Design Fukuko Okubo Award.
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“the world”
Completed master’s course in art major, Japanese painting research area, Ouei Women’s University of Art and Design All things in this world are connected to “time”. I would like to continue to express the relationship between the work and “time” through the rhythm and dimension of the space, thinking from the work itself.
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“summer diary IV”
Song Lin Yu graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, and is currently studying Japanese painting. I wanted to depict the beauty of the flow of plants that transcends ephemeral time.
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Born in Jiangsu Province, China, graduated from Musashino Art University, majoring in oil painting, majoring in printmaking. My hobbies are painting, handicrafts and music. Strongly influenced by black metal and gothic culture, favoring a dark atmosphere that decays or rots rawly.
[Image 5

“Embrace me”
Currently studying at Tama Art University Graduate School of Fine Arts, majoring in Japanese painting. On my way to the studio one afternoon in October, I saw a lush, unknown weed growing by the side of the road. I picked that weed and brought it to the studio. And put it in a cardboard box, along with the apple I bought last night, brightened up my day.
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“Weeds and Apples”
Rei Katsu is a first-year student at the Japanese-style painting laboratory at Tama Art University Graduate School. Among the clouds, stratus clouds that spread thinly in the middle layer of the troposphere are generally called “oboro clouds”. The moon seen through the clouds presents a vague and fantastic sight. I didn’t draw the moon as it is, but I drew flowers under the moonlight.
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“Hazy Moon”
Irihato was born in China in 1998. 2nd year student majoring in painting at Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School. I am working on the theme of “expression of lust and emotion”.
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Born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China in 1998. Entered Musashino Art University Graduate School in 2022.
Major exhibition history, activity history: 2020 Zhejiang University Graduation Work Excellence Award 2022 Group exhibition of Asian and Japanese artists /@ The Artcomplex of center.
[Image 9

“within the pain”
Han Eigo Born in 1998. Learned Japanese painting from May 2021, entered Joshibi University of Art and Design as a Japanese painting in 2022, and creates works centered on discovering the romance of life. 2022.4 Joshibi Graduate School of Japanese Painting New Exhibition 2022.4 Aoyama Gallery Permanent Exhibition 2022.7 JAM Joshibi Japanese Painting Exhibition
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“Starry Night Plate”
For details, please see various SNS accounts of Saf Gallery. We look forward to collaborating with more Chinese artists.
“Saf Gallery”
GINZA SIX 5F, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Business hours: 10:30-20:30
Phone number: 03-6555-2989
– A gallery where various industries can interact is born in GINZA SIX of the “SynchroArt Foundation” (saf), which invests in artists and art groups and builds a huge art market in Japan and overseas. Presenting art works that represent the new era, linking videos with overseas galleries, and cutting-edge marketing using blockchain. Disseminate Japanese culture and share real-time experiences of world culture through exchanges with other countries.
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“General Incorporated Foundation SynchroArt Foundation”
Purpose of establishment
~ Conducting activities related to the promotion of arts and culture, nurturing excellent artists of arts and culture,
Enlightenment and promotion of art culture, fostering people’s creativity and expressiveness,
Furthermore, understanding and respecting others
Aiming to contribute to the formation of a spiritually rich society that accepts diversity
Founder: Daichi Sakamoto
After appearing in “Water Boys” in high school, he turned to the path of art. Many works of art are created from encounters with many collectors and artists, including presidents and royalty. Based on his great support for artists, he founded the art foundation saf, which allocates funds to relief activities such as support for people with disabilities, regional revitalization, and support for poor countries. He donates most of his work sales to saf. In 2022, “Saf Gallery” will be opened as a creative base for artists at GINZA SIX, the largest commercial facility in Ginza.
Fax: 03-6701-7524
Official LINE:
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The membership fee for those who join the SynchroArt Foundation, which is sponsored by SynchroArt Foundation, during this period will be used to support artists and social contribution activities that require support.
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