Synergy Gate October 21st Iwatani Yonezawa x Taketo (affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo)! Live distribution event will be held!

synergy gate
[10/21 held] Iwatani Yonezawa x Taketo (belonging to Yoshimoto Kogyo)! Live distribution event will be held!
Yonezawa-san from Iwatani Eye Collect Co., Ltd. x DIY comedian Taketo-san’s collaboration live! There are plenty of highlights, such as the demonstration “Buddhist cooking”!

Mr. Yonezawa of Iwatani Sangyo’s mail-order company “Iwatani I Collect”. In collaboration with Mr. Taketo, who is familiar with DIY and outdoor activities, we will convey the appeal of our products even more! I have a feeling that there will be a lot of unexpected discoveries at this live performance where we will demonstrate products that you can’t expect! ?
■ Live details
Date: 10/21 (Friday) 19:00-
Title: Honest review with Mr. Taketo! Attractiveness and New Possibilities of Iwatani Products ~Outdoor Edition~
[Image 1d92350-9-21c6aaf2d2241cdfb884-2.png&s3=92350-9-173e8ccba58e6d8378805522bc5be25b-960x540.png
Guest: Mr. Kazuki Yonezawa (Iwatani Eye Collect Co., Ltd.) / Mr. Taketo (Yoshimoto Kogyo)
Iwatani Sangyo is famous for its gas and energy business.
Cassette stoves are also very famous, and it is said that the market share of cassette stoves is 65% (*1).
Such Iwatani products are constantly evolving, and their applications are expanding rapidly, such as being used not only at home but also outdoors.
This time, CHANCE!
Appearing is Mr. Yonezawa of “Iwatani I Collect Co., Ltd.”, which handles the EC site of Iwatani Sangyo.
And the partner of the collaboration is the famous MC Taketo (belonging to Yoshimoto Kogyo).
Taketo-san is active as a professional MC, and at the same time he is also active in DIY and outdoor activities.
Taketo’s YouTube “Taketo DIY field” has videos that have been viewed more than 750,000 times, as well as information about outdoor activities and DIY.
This time, a collaboration between Taketo and Iwatani has been realized! We will introduce 3 highlights of this special live!
On the day of the event, it will be delivered from the showroom of the Iwatani Building in Osaka and from Taketo’s two bases!
Mr. Yonezawa actually cooks using Iwatani products under the theme of cooking that can be made outdoors.
It is a live broadcast that changes the ingredients used based on the comments and votes of viewers while using the gifting function to “vote what you want to do”.
What kind of outdoor cooking can you enjoy with Iwatani products? With Mr. Taketo’s drawer, you should be able to enjoy the outdoors in a way that you have never experienced before, and the content of your meals!

I would like to hear reviews from users about how the product is actually thought in the outdoors and at home!
So, Mr. Taketo, who has experience in outdoor activities, will give an honest review!
I have a feeling that there will be a lot of frank stories that can only be heard through live streaming without archives, such as “how to use it that I really don’t want to tell you” and “new features that would be nice to have in the future”! The combination of
demonstrations and talks may even lead to new products.
It seems that there will be many discoveries in this talk, such as the goodness of the product that only Mr. Taketo can understand, and the characteristics of the product that only Mr. Yonezawa can explain!
This live is not just for the participants to listen to the story. Participating in the conversation through comments and gifting (so-called tipping), and enjoying the event as a participating guest rather than as a viewer is the real pleasure of a live performance. Don’t hesitate to say what you care about, what you want to hear, support, etc! The excitement of the live will accelerate depending on the reaction of the people watching. It is up to the participants to nurture the live by using comments and gifting according to their feelings! Do you want to create a live performance that you can enjoy together? Don’t miss the collaboration of the century, a live single game without an archive!
■Guest Introduction
・ Mr. Kazuki Yonezawa
In charge of digital sales promotion at Iwatani Eye Collect Co., Ltd. We entered live commerce last year and are currently conducting live commerce once a month. He is actively working while steadily increasing his audience.
▼ Iwatani Eye Collect Live Commerce
・ Mr. Taketo
Belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo. Currently, he is active in a wide range of fields such as professional MC business, parenting, DIY, and Youtube transmission as a solo. I also give lectures.
In particular, on Youtube, he is energetically working on DIY with techniques that can be said to be craftsmanship, and is also working on introducing items that are actually useful.
We will also welcome other gorgeous guests and deliver a collaboration live according to the theme! Please look forward to it!
■ How to watch and enjoy live performances
Please follow the steps below to join the live.
1: Download the CHANCE! App
Please download the free app below.
▼App Store URL
▼Google Play URL ▼QR code
[Image 2d92350-9-ed3f7e83ffcc8fc62e91-0.png&s3=92350-9-58622ac123e7c92ea54f5e89dc65c55b-685x541.png
2: Member registration (crew registration, optional)
To get the most out of “CHANCE!”, we recommend registering as a crew. For those who have registered as a crew member, 500 CP of free chance points (CP) that can be used for gifting and product purchases are given. In addition, purchasing products during live distribution will be smoother. Open the app and proceed to the input screen from the crew registration button on the upper right. (You can participate in the live as a guest user without registering as a member.)
3: Watch Live
You can watch live by launching the app at the time of the live broadcast and clicking the corresponding project banner. Please participate in the live while freely communicating with comments, likes, gifts, etc.
Also, if you download the app in advance and register the project as a favorite, push notifications will be delivered to prevent you from missing it.
We look forward to your participation.
■ About this event
This live event is held in the monthly live event “CHANCE Seeds” held on the “CHANCE! by Webinavi” app operated by Webinavi.
“CHANCE Seeds” is an event that aims to create and grow opportunities through two-way communication via live distribution.
We invite various guests every month and perform live distribution without archives created by two guests and participants.
■What is CHANCE!by Webinavi?
“CHANCE!” is a participatory live distribution app that aims to “create and grow opportunities” through live distribution. Rather than a one-way distribution, it is an application service with a unique concept that increases the “opportunities” of all participants through the participants (crews) cheering with comments, gifting, and live commerce (shopping) functions.
As a feature of “CHANCE!”, you can create an unprecedented session by taking advantage of collaborative distribution at two locations. Furthermore, by having a large number of crew members participating, you will be able to experience the joy of creating and expanding even more “opportunities” by multiplying infinite ideas and possibilities. ■ “CHANCE Seeds” event concept overview ~Let’s cultivate CHANCE seeds~ [Image 3d92350-9-025e3d213661cd6a7ae8-1.png&s3=92350-9-f267d6833c1bfa20f6a52b0fb7e44b80-960x540.png
“Isn’t it possible that by combining your own interests and
connections with people, you might come across unexpectedly unexpected opportunities to create unexpectedly big opportunities?”
Based on such an assumption, the “CHANCE seeds” will be live-streamed by the “project” that will become the seeds, and each seed will be nurtured together while giving each other your opinions, ideas, skills, know-how, and experience. It’s an event. Enjoy the fun of live streaming.
You can also purchase limited items during the live. Please feel free to join us.
*1. Source: A whopping 65% share of the cassette stove market! Inevitably you will want to buy Iwatani (GetNavi web)
*2. Live delivery time and content are subject to change. Please note. *3. The live viewing is free, but communication costs will be borne by you. Details about this release:


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