T league of table tennis “T league expectation stadium” third champion decision

General Incorporated Association T League
“T league prediction stadium” 3rd winner decision

The 3rd event was held from October 7th (Friday) to 9th (Sunday) at the prediction game “T League Prediction Stadium” (held by T League official site “Sponity”) where everyone competes for the results of the Nojima T League. The winner of the tournament has been decided. [T League Expected Stadium 3rd Tournament Winner]
Mr. Mikazuki predicted the target 5 games and won the 3rd tournament with a recovery rate of 170% and 850 points. This tournament was a close match with 10 people who hit 4 games, but Mikazuki-san voted for the non-favorite team in 2 of them, and there was a narrow margin (30 points difference with 2nd place!) I won the 3th competition in a stunning way.
Click here for the 3rd Tournament Ranking
We are currently accepting predictions for the 4th tournament, which will consist of 8 matches over 3 days on 10/22 (Fri), 23 (Sat) and 24 (Sun). The winner will receive a luxurious prize such as a pair of tickets to watch the Nojima T League game (equivalent to 10,000 yen). Enjoy the Nojima T-League even more through a game that anyone can easily play with one click and one tap.
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