Table Stock Co., Ltd. “Pork mixed soba with simmered pork” is now available from the authentic super instant noodles “Noodle QUICK” series that can only be warmed in the microwave! Sales will begin on October 4th (Tuesday) at convenience stores, of

Table Stock Co., Ltd.
“Pork mixed soba with simmered pork” is now available from the “Noodle QUICK” series, which is a super instant noodle that can be warmed in a microwave oven! Sales will begin on October 4th (Tuesday) at convenience stores, official websites, and Amazon nationwide!
Table Stock Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture / Representative: Katsura Nakamura), which advocates “living delicious stock”, has released “Noodle QUICK with kakuni” from the authentic super instant noodles “Noodle QUICK” series that can be warmed in a microwave oven. Pork Mazesoba” will be released. This product can be purchased at convenience stores*1 nationwide, the official website, and Amazon from Tuesday, October 4th.
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The rich sauce with garlic and backfat whets the appetite with its junky aroma. The “Noodle QUICK” series was launched in February of this year as authentic super instant noodles that can be stored at room temperature for one year and can be simply heated in a microwave oven (can also be boiled in hot water). Since then, we have developed various flavors such as “100% domestic pork bolognese pasta”, “thick shrimp cream pasta”, and “three cheese carbonara pasta”. The 4th item, “Pork mixed soba with kakuni,” is a hearty product that is different from pasta with an elegant taste so far. The umami flavor of the topping pork and the thick sauce with garlic and backfat are entwined with the extra-thick raw noodles, creating a punchy flavor. It emits a stimulating and junky scent while it is being heated in the microwave, whetting your appetite.
Comment from Table Stock President Katsura Nakamura “I hope you will be surprised by the ease and authentic taste that surpasses
conventional instant noodles.”
Until now, the “Men QUICK” series has focused on pasta such as bolognese and carbonara. This time, as a new challenge, we have developed a plentiful product “Pork Mazesoba with Kakuni”. While most instant noodles on the market require boiling water for 3 minutes, this product only takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the microwave. We are proud that we have created a product that can challenge the instant noodle industry because it can be completed without the time and effort of boiling water. It can be enjoyed daily by people of a wide range of age groups, such as working people who find it difficult to eat lunch due to meetings, and students who want to eat satisfying food easily.
In addition, we are particular about the noodles and ingredients for this “pork maze soba with kakuni.” The noodles are made with extra-thick raw noodles that are easy to get entangled with mazesoba, giving it a chewy texture. We are pursuing authentic tastes that are as good as the taste of specialty stores, such as simmered pork that is soft as if it melts in the mouth and seasoning with raw grated garlic. I would be happy if you could pick it up and be surprised at the ease and authentic taste that surpasses conventional instant noodles.
Product details
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Product name: Noodles QUICK pork mixed soba with braised pork Ingredients: Noodles (wheat flour, salt) (manufactured in Japan), lard, granular soy protein, starch hydrolyzate, garlic, pork, Chinese seasoning (soy sauce, protein hydrolyzate, salt, sugar, yeast extract), Sugar, pork extract, powdered oil, ginger, chicken oil, garlic, chicken bouillon powder, flavor oil, black pepper,
salt/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), lye salt, flavoring, caramel pigment, acidulant, gardenia pigment, sweetener ( licorice), flavoring extract, (contains wheat, milk, sesame, pork, chicken, and soybeans) Contents: One serving (220g)
Energy: 568 kcal (per bag)
Expiration date: Stored at room temperature 1 year
Sales price: 378 yen (tax included)
How to eat: Microwave the bag (approximately: 500W 2 minutes 30 seconds), warm the bag in a hot water bath (approximately 5 minutes) Overview of Table Stock Co., Ltd.
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Company name: Table Stock Co., Ltd.
Location: 1870 Shioyama Fujiki, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture 404-0054 Date of establishment: June 1993
Capital: 10 million yen
Representative: Katsura Nakamura, President and CEO
Business description: Product sales in the stock rice brand “TABLE STOCK” URL:

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