TAC Co., Ltd. Opened independently with the same period. Interview with Mr. Sohei Tsunoda and Mr. Eiji Otsuka, the representatives of Tomorrow’s tax accountant corporation, who have been in business for 14 years and have been in business for 7 year

TAC Co., Ltd.
Synchronous and independent opening of business. Interview with Mr. Sohei Tsunoda and Mr. Eiji Otsuka, the representatives of Tomorrow’s tax accountant corporation, who have been in business for 14 years and have been in business for 7 years!
Communicate the “real” of jobs and qualifications. “TACNEWS” November 2022 issue published

TAC Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshio Tada), which provides educational services for acquiring qualifications, publishes the November issue of the monthly magazine “Work and qualification magazine ‘TACNEWS'”. .
[Special Feature] Tax Accountant Corporation Specializing in Inheritance Managed by Co-Representatives
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Mr. Eiji Otsuka (left) and Mr. Sohei Tsunoda (right), who were classmates at a major tax accountant firm
-The following is an excerpt from this magazine-
The two, who had worked for a major tax accountant firm in the same period, pursued their dreams and opened their own business in 2015. Since we changed our course from the business succession business that we had been working on when we opened our business to a specialized office that focuses only on inheritance business, we have received more than 200 requests for inheritance tax returns and inheritance measures every year. What were Sohei Tsunoda and Eiji Otsuka thinking about when they decided to become tax accountants? We followed the trajectory of the two, from the background to the time they worked, and to the present, where they have established an unshakable position as an inheritance-specialized office.
Aiming to be a leading company in inheritance consulting
──Could you introduce the tax accountant corporation Tomorrows, of which the two of you are co-representatives?
Tsunoda: Tomorrow Rose Tax Accountant Corporation (hereafter, Tomorrow Rose) was established in 2015 as a tax accountant corporation specializing in inheritance. In the future, we aim to become a one-stop group that can provide not only inheritance tax returns and inheritance division, but also all services related to inheritance, such as real estate and asset management.
We have a mission statement of “Tomorrow’s Way” = “to create a leading company in inheritance consulting.” Based on this mission, we aim to become the top inheritance consulting company in Japan.
Otsuka: Our philosophy is to “turn our customers’ thoughts into a happy tomorrow.” We aim to connect not only the inheritance but also the “feelings” related to inheritance to the heirs, so that people will say “Tomorrows when it comes to inheritance”.
Tsunoda: I would like to support those who are having trouble “connecting” their thoughts in inheritance, so even before the inheritance occurs, even if the amount of inheritance is small, they may feel uneasy or worried about inheritance even a little. If there is, I would like to consult with you.
──In 2015, I believe there was already a tax accountant corporation specializing in inheritance tax. Under such circumstances, please tell us why you decided to start as a corporation specializing in inheritance.
Tsunoda: When we started our business, I remember that there weren’t many corporations that could handle all the various cases related to inheritance in a true sense. Looking at the number of inheritance tax returns, there were almost no large corporations that had a 1% share of the total. That is why we decided to steer to specialize in inheritance, thinking that we could expect significant growth in the inheritance field if we could highlight our own strengths.
In the past, most inheritance cases were introduced by financial institutions after the inheritance occurred. Recently, however, heirs with high inheritance literacy who actively gather information about inheritance are starting to search for tax accountants on their own through websites. Since TOMORROWS mainly attracts customers via the website, we expect to receive more requests in the future.
Otsuka  When interviewing heirs who come to us through a web search, many of them say, “If it’s an inheritance, I’d like to ask Tomorrow’s” after doing some research. There are quite a few people who read Tsunoda’s blog post about inheritance and say, “Because I became a fan.”
──What kind of research is done by the requester from the Web search? Otsuka: It seems that he is often searched for “tax accountant specializing in inheritance tax”. Many people come to our office saying, “I want to hear more about you,” when an article on Tomorrow’s is a hit when searching for small-scale residential land exceptions or name deposits.
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https://www.tac-school.co.jp/tacnewsweb/feature/feat202211.html Law revisions make it easier for students to become a tax accountant From the 2020 exam, the tax accountant exam has become a challenge for a wide variety of human resources such as students and working people, such as abolishing the eligibility requirements for some subjects. The need for tax accountants is increasing due to the “shortage of successors for small and medium-sized enterprises.”
▼Tax accountant qualification that has become easier to obtain due to the relaxation of eligibility requirements. What is the attraction? https://www.tac-school.co.jp/kouza_zeiri/zeirisi_miryoku.html What is “TACNEWS”?
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It is a monthly free magazine full of “real” jobs and qualifications, such as finding a job, changing jobs, advancing your career, returning to society from a blank, and starting your own business.
On the website “TACNEWS WEB”, you can find topics related to qualifications picked up from the magazine, qualification information that can be used in careers, interview articles with people who are active in various fields by obtaining qualifications, serial columns by practitioners, etc. Introduction.
You can read plenty of articles from the latest to the past on your smartphone or tablet.
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-Company Profile-
Company name: TAC Co., Ltd.
Representative: Toshio Tada, President and Representative Director Established: December 1980
Business: Individual education business, corporate training business, publishing business, human resource business
Head office: 3-2-18 Kanda Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8383 Website: https://www.tac-school.co.jp/
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