Taiyo Co., Ltd. We have opened a web media “AMIGO-Web magazine that makes friends with garbage” made serio usly by garbage collectors!

Taiyo Co., Ltd.
We have opened a web media “AMIGO – WEB magazine that makes friends with garbage” seriously created by garbage collectors!

Garbage is not waste, but our precious resource!
Let’s have fun, get along, and learn together.
Taiyo Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Takuzen Motoyama), which aims to create a new garbage collection business in a
recycling-oriented society, has opened its own web media “AMIGO” as part of various initiatives to celebrate its 70th anniversary. [Image 1

Taiyo Co., Ltd. is a waste collection and transportation company in Hiroshima, established in 1946.
In recent years, we have put effort into improving the working environment for our staff, including the recycling business, and have focused on various initiatives such as fully equipped daycare centers and renovations of rest areas.
As a result, the ratio of female staff has exceeded 40%, and the employment rate has been steady.
Therefore, we have opened “WEB magazine that makes friends with garbage ~ AMIGO” with the aim of further improving the work
environment and awareness.
Garbage is not just waste to be thrown away.
A valuable resource that can be recycled.
Based on such a theme, we create various news information and planning articles that can only be done by Taiyo. For example, we offer the following content.
[Column] Machine Guns Takizawa’s Arbitrary Manifesto-If I were you, I would do garbage administration like this!
[Series] I actually used the clothes rental service! vol.1 “Rcawaii” [News] Garbage collection box “i-BOX” that can be used 24 hours a day will be installed in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture
[Series] Today’s Treasure Strange Garbage Appraisal Group vol.1 Tupee-kun and Wild Boar
[News] Will it become a tourist spot in the future? Focus on five local governments with zero waste declarations
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Contents are updated simultaneously on Instagram etc.!

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The Ministry of the Environment has announced that all of Japan’s final disposal sites will be filled up in about 20 years. If you do, the environment of waste will also improve.
If I can be of any help to that end, I will work with the feeling of earnest desire.
We would like to ask all media companies to take this opportunity to report on this initiative.
[Image 5d55104-12-29bde563d730f39b5776-2.jpg&s3=55104-12-fa17a6175a52f69fff11a1ae76f560c0-300x239.jpg
【Company Profile】
Company name/Taiyo Co., Ltd.
Established: 1946
Representative Director/Takuzen Motoyama
Capital/43 million yen
Number of employees / 85 people
Head office location / 〒736-0082
5-11-1 Funakoshi Minami, Aki Ward, Hiroshima City
Description of business/collection and transportation of general waste Collection, transportation and disposal of industrial waste
Various recycling processes
■ Inquiries about this matter
Taiyo Co., Ltd. “AMIGO Manager”
Telephone 082-824-0110 (Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm) e-mail: info@taiyo-net.co.jp
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