Takane no Nadeshiko 1st single “Antifan” jacket photo & audio release! In addition, Anna Murashige will be appointed ! Personal comment has arrived! !

[Takane no Nadeshiko] 1st single “Antifan” jacket photo & audio release! In addition, Anna Murashige will be appointed as Takamine’s Nadeshiko Special Supporter! Personal comment has arrived! ! 1st Single track “Yume Musubi” also released MV & sound source
This time, the jacket photo and sound source of the long-awaited first single “Antifan” released by the new idol group Takane no Nadeshiko on October 26th (Wednesday) have been released. In addition, the music video and sound source for “Yume Musubi”, which is included in the same single, has also been unveiled.
Furthermore, as new information, we announced that Anna Murashige will be appointed as a Takamine Nadeshiko Special Supporter.
Released on 10/26 (Wed.) Takamine no Nadeshiko 1st Single “Anti-Fan” jacket photo release
[Image 1

The jacket photo of “Anti-Fan” sounds an alarm bell in a world that is full of complaints, and expresses the start of an idol who climbs up with a core without being swept away by the surroundings.
◆Regular edition [CD] SNCL-68 ¥1,300 (tax included)
1, anti-fan
2, Yume Musubi
3, Antifan (Instrumental)
4, Yume Musubi (Instrumental)
Limited trading card included * All 10 types random
Takamine no Nadeshiko 1st Single track “Yumemusubi” music video released From Takamine Nadeshiko Official YouTube
[MV] Yume Musubi / Takamine no Nadeshiko [HoneyWorks]
URL: https://youtu.be/qgYnKvdcMJQ
Takamine no Nadeshiko 1stSingle “Antifan” “Yume Musubi” released It will be distributed on major music distribution services such as Apple Music / iTunes Store / Spotify / YouTube Music / LINE MUSIC from 00:00 on Saturday, October 1st.
Murashige Anna -Takane no Nadeshiko Special Supporter- Appointed! Anna Murashige, who served as an audition ambassador for “JDOL AUDITION supported by TIF” and witnessed the formation of Takamine’s Nadeshiko, has been appointed as a special supporter of Takamine’s Nadeshiko.
On October 31st (Monday), he will also appear as an MC at Team Smile Toyosu PIT -Takamine no Nadeshiko 1st Fan Meeting-.
[Image 2

■ Anna Murashige
[Person’s comment]
I’m Anna Murashige! I will be appointed as a special supporter of Takamine Nadeshiko who has been watching over me since the audition! As a former idol, I would like to do my best so that I can be of help to the members as much as possible!
I will also participate in the fan meeting on October 31st as an MC! I hope we can get excited together with the fans of Nadeshiko Takamine! thank you!
Former HKT48 1st generation student. A half-idol whose father is Japanese and mother is Russian, and she is also bilingual. While he is active mainly in variety shows as a bright and silly character, he is also expanding his range of activities as a commentator and
Takamine Nadeshiko 1st fan meeting information
Title: Takamine Nadeshiko 1st Fan Meeting ~Unveiling Ceremony~ Date: October 31, 2022 (Monday) [Opening] 17:00 [Starting] 18:00 Venue: Team Smile Toyosu PIT (https://toyosu-pit.team-smile.org/access) [Fun points]
・To commemorate the visitor, a member’s handwritten message card will be presented!
・After the performance, send off with a high five with the members! ・Halloween cosplay corner decided! Halloween songs will also be covered! ・We plan to perform more than 10 songs, including songs that will be performed for the first time!
*Please check the official website for details and the latest information. Official site: https://www.liveexsam.co.jp/artist/takane_1stmtg/ Takamine Nadeshiko information
[Image 3d25517-384-4e7035d53fa2a52a8c41-2.jpg&s3=25517-384-b5a0ae7215f2a49c32e919109b572c2a-2150x1550.jpg
Takamine no Nadeshiko consists of 7 finalists who passed the “JDOL AUDITION supported by TIF” and 3 former members of “Last Idol” who ended their activities on May 31, 2022 (Momona Matsumoto, Himeri Momiyama, Momoko Hashimoto), formed by a total of 10 people. On August 7th (Sun), the first unveiling stage was held at “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2022 supported by Nitan Clinic”.
・Official website: http://takanenonadeshiko.jp/
・Official shop: https://takanenonadeshiko-ec.com/
・ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/takanenofficial
・ Official YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoR4zZDvWvUIqgEWz4HS-sA ・ Official TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@takanenofficial?_t=8W6wRnOOQkM&_r=1 ・ Official Instagram https://instagram.com/takanenofficial?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Details about this release:

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