Takubo Engineering Co., Ltd. Newly developed plating coating indium mirror coating system

Takubo Engineering Co., Ltd.
Newly developed plating coating indium mirror coating system Achieved mass production of plating coating by spraying

We have systematized the mass production of plating coating by spraying, which was not possible until now.
In cooperation with a paint manufacturer and an engineering
manufacturer, we have developed the “Indium Mirror Coating System,” a coating system that enables mass production of plated coating. Takubo Engineering Co., Ltd. / Musashi Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. Newly developed indium mirror coating system
Plating system with paint using indium
Musashi Toryo Holdings, a paint manufacturer, and Takubo Engineering, an engineering manufacturer with thin-film rotary coating technology using robots, have recently developed and sold a plating coating system “Indium Mirror Coating System” in order to realize a completely new plating coating.
History of plating production
It has a long history, starting with the metal coating of the Great Buddha, riding the wave of industrialization and accumulating technologies such as silver mirror coating, silver colloids, and complexes. However, the degree of demand for security and safety technology for electric vehicles has increased, and the coating industry has been required to respond to this. However, despite the fact that we were stuck between painting technology, environmental issues, cost issues, etc., mass production by spraying was not realized. Therefore, the “Indium Mirror Coating System” was developed to meet market demands.
The key to realizing plating coating Thin-film coating technology and cost A highly accurate and uniform thin film is the key to the
commercialization of plating coating. Here, Takubo Engineering, an engineering manufacturer with thin-film rotary coating technology “R technology”, is in charge, and in many cases productivity can be dramatically improved, such as paint consumption, industrial waste treatment costs, and numerically controlled coating data. was found in the test. “R Technology”, which has thin film multi-layer coating as its core coating technology, completes and supplies plating coating. Through system engineering, automation in a purified environment is built, and a high level comparable to the piano black coating system. We enable mass production of high-quality coating films using an automated system.
Joint development and sales with paint manufacturers and paint engineering manufacturers
The high-performance paint to be developed is the Japanese painting industry that has not been close to the technology of engineering manufacturers toward its realization. In an environment where paint and equipment are separated, it is also true that relying on the user for the manpower to commercialize it has greatly reduced the brand power of Japan, which is an advanced painting country. Plating coating has hidden design and functionality, and it is a coating that spurs the imagination of many technology developers.
To develop a new coating market, this plating coating “Indium Mirror Coating System” was realized through joint development by coating material manufacturer Musashi Paint Holdings and coating system engineering manufacturer Takubo Engineering. It has been made public. In addition, regarding the information on the coating system, we will partner with companies that agree with the concept of the “Indium Mirror Coating System” to widely provide information.
Indium Mirror Coating System-Overview-Overview:
The “Indium Mirror Coating System” is a surface treatment technology that achieves a completely new mirror effect by “coating” using a special coating and dedicated equipment instead of “plating”. Indium Features of special paint “ECO MIRROR 49”:
1) Mirror layer formation by using indium (atomic number 49). ← We do not use “silver colloid” or “silver complex” that have problems with weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
2) Various mirror surfaces such as “glossy”, “matte”, and “colored” are possible.
3) Millimeter-wave radar transmission is possible.
Features of the coating equipment “Indium Mirror Coating System”: 1) Ultra-thin film + paint consumption is minimized by our original revolving coating “R technology”
←The characteristics of the special paint are maximized with thin film multiple coating that is impossible with other painting methods. 2) Various systems can be proposed according to the customer’s production volume, such as 3 coats possible with 1 robot.
Target product/item:
All products/items that require existing “plating” processing are eligible. ・Automotive interior and exterior parts, emblems, etc.
・Door/window knobs/keys, eyeglasses, IT equipment, and more. Advantages of replacing “plating” ⇒ “painting”:
1) A consistent manufacturing process is possible (line production is possible). ← “Plating” processing is a batch process, so it is impossible to line up / It takes time and effort.
2) Solving environmental problems associated with “plating”. Regarding sales of “Indium Mirror Coating System”:
It is sold as a set of paint and equipment (sold by Takubo Engineering). ← Takubo also sells paint after installation (Musashi paint is in charge of actual paint supply/service).
Takubo Engineering Co., Ltd. Sales Engineering Department
Musashi Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. Sales Headquarters
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