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Talisman Co., Ltd. Human resources optimization platform mutualy Reemployment support service started. The site has been renewed due to service expansion!

Talisman Co., Ltd.
Started providing reemployment support services for the personnel optimization platform mutualy. The site has been renewed due to service expansion!
We support the formation of new careers for our employees.

We are pleased to announce that the “human resource optimization platform mutualy” ( operated by Talisman Co., Ltd. will reopen the site along with the start of reemployment support services.
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What is the talent optimization platform mutualy?
Mutualy is a service that connects companies with a surplus of human resources and companies with a shortage of human resources, and provides optimization of the sharing and movement of human resources while using the mechanism of re-employment support and temporary transfer.
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In recent years, along with changes in the employment environment, such as the extension of the mandatory retirement age and the decline in the labor force, working styles themselves such as side jobs and parallel careers are also undergoing major changes.
While new burdens and anxieties have arisen not only for personnel managers of companies, but also for everyone who works at companies, opportunities for new career formation in a new era are also arriving at the same time.
mutualy contributes to the optimization of human resources in such a new era with “professional network x technology”.
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Two services provided by mutualy
(1) New! Reemployment support service
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This is a service that provides reemployment support for employees who are forced to leave their jobs due to a reduction in business scale. Mutualy provides career consulting, job introduction, career counseling and training for our employees’ positive re-employment. In addition, we have consultants with experience in system
construction at major companies, so we can accompany you from the construction of an early retirement system.
It is possible to make suggestions that are close to such concerns! ・I want to reduce the number of employees
・ I want to send off my employees smoothly, I want to ask for mental care of employees
・I’m worried about building a system such as an early retirement system Click here for details of reemployment support services▼
Useful articles on “reemployment support”▼ (2) Secondment support service
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This is a secondment support service that matches “company that wants to send human resources” and “company that wants to accept human resources”.
In recent years, as the employment situation has changed
significantly, we will provide a place for human resource sharing using the framework of temporary transfer. This is a new way of working in which companies facing employment maintenance issues and companies with labor shortages work together to share the labor force. We can solve these problems for you!
For companies that are worried about human resource development and surplus human resources:
・Second career support (I want to give veteran employees a new place to play an active role!)
・Development of next-generation leaders (I want to educate young people in order to develop future executive candidates!)
・Employment maintenance during the corona crisis (Even under these circumstances, we want to protect the employment of our employees!) For companies facing a shortage of human resources:
・We are actively recruiting, but it is hard to meet good people! ・There is a shortage of manpower due to the rapid increase in demand! ・I want to revitalize the company by hiring new personnel!
Click here for details of secondment support service▼
Useful article about “Secondment”▼ inquiry
Talent optimization platform mutualy
Email: (Contact: Sato) Tel: 06-4560-3221 (Contact: Ito)
About Talisman Inc.:
Talisman specializes in executive bilingual human resources among the many recruitment agencies in Japan, and has supported matching with many companies. While the recruitment business is our main business, in recent years we have developed various services that utilize our “professional network”, such as RPO (recruitment support service) business, human resources sharing support service that utilizes temporary transfer, and second career support service.
10th anniversary of establishment
Our highly specialized bilingual recruiting services are well received every year by major foreign and Japanese global companies in Japan. In the 10th year, we have reached 100 employees from all over the world, and we have grown into one of the fastest growing companies in the recruitment industry.
Multiple customers have given us the “No.1 Agent” award, which is given to the agent with the most placements. We will continue to take on challenges, aiming for a society where the professional human resources who support Japan can play an active role.
▼ 10th anniversary special site

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