“Tansu no Gen Main Store” will hold an event on “Tansu Day” on October 4th! Announcing scheduled events such as 10% off all products and outlet sales

Dresser Gen
“Tansu no Gen Main Store” will hold an event on “Tansu Day” on October 4th! Announcing scheduled events such as 10% off all products and outlet sales
Limited quantity time sale! The annual 24-hour limited event will begin.
Tansu no Gen Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Tansu no Gen, head office: Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, CEO: Fukuju Hashizume), which develops furniture and interior x EC business, will be held on October 4, 2022 (Tuesday) on “Tansu Day”. In connection with this, at the Tansu Gen head office (https://www.tansu-gen.jp/), which we operate, we will have a 10% OFF sale for all products with our daily gratitude, and various advantageous events. will be held.
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◆What is “Dressing Day”?
With its head office in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which is famous as a town of furniture, Gen of Tansu, every year on October 4th, 10 (English ten) and 4 (Chinese sue) is a pun on it, making it “Dresser Day”.
At Tansu no Gen Main Store, various events are planned for the most bargain day of the year.
Here are the events scheduled for October 4th.
“Dressing Day” Sale
10% off all products at Tansu no Gen Honten
All products in the store will be sold at a 10% discount from the displayed price for 24 hours from 0:00 to 23:59 on Tuesday, October 4th at the “Tansu no Gen Main Store”.
Not only duvets and humidifiers that will be very active in the coming season, but also Okawa Furniture, which is the city of furniture, will be on sale.
[Image 2d39747-84-aa2a99815bdea794287d-1.jpg&s3=39747-84-b66d2a8043c896fb95272d8e7ad793af-1969x492.jpg
↑ 10% off all fall and winter products “duvets” that are well-received at Tansu no Gen.
[Image 3d39747-84-fecb7e2d384c3b8a1355-2.jpg&s3=39747-84-18f0076ba3bc97692af24a7d701922a5-1969x492.jpg
   ↑In addition to bedding, all items such as interiors, furniture, and home appliances are offered at bargain prices.
Limited time sale
Offer 50% off popular products of Tansu no Gen in limited quantities We will select popular products from “Tansu no Gen Main Store” and sell them at a special price for a limited quantity and time. * Limited time sale items are not eligible for 10% off.
-Scheduled product example- Here is an example of a time sale scheduled product. [Image 4d39747-84-a5ecf03da0ca8408cdd7-3.jpg&s3=39747-84-699d333f34753fb94d016c5a0c0bd9cc-2180x730.jpg
    ↑We expect to sell other bargain products in limited quantities. ・Transparent dining mat (Part number 7551000300)
Regular price 7,999 yen → Time sale price 3,999 yen (50% off) ・Low-resilience pocket coil legless chair (Item number 43000000) Regular price 6,999 yen → Time sale price 3,499 yen (50% off) ・Ceramic heater with desktop humidifier (Part number 2580011100) Regular price 5,999 yen → Time sale price 2,999 yen (50% off) Detailed information such as sales hours and sales numbers will be announced on the Tansu Gen Main Store website as needed.
In addition, we are planning to sell other featured items. Please look forward to it.
outlet sale
50% off all outlet items such as shooting items
[Image 5d39747-84-b8ca0af17d167147d43d-6.png&s3=39747-84-a97be54d66ee9d62e3dd0166b6c0d98c-1150x900.png
We will sell outlet items such as opened shots, canceled items, and items with translations at 50% off the list price for the day only. Many outlet items will be on sale for the first time this time, and only one-of-a-kind items will be available.
In addition, this time, various popular outlet items such as sofa sets from the classic popular “Carlo” series of Tansu Gen, extendable dining tables for new products, picture book racks and bunk beds for children are available at a fixed price of 50. It will be sold at a % off.
* Outlet items are not eligible for 10% off.
-Scheduled product examples-We are planning outlet sales of a wide range of other categories.
[Image 6d39747-84-54076da1b2042c5ae614-4.jpg&s3=39747-84-42be6f9e49ea4fd4749f2520c71a4b70-1969x492.jpg
[Image 7d39747-84-62cdce82b0c074d35d7c-5.jpg&s3=39747-84-f40a29157aa79742833c349d0c74acd7-1969x492.jpg
Details of these sale events will be announced in a timely manner on the Tansu no Gen Main Store website.
Please come and visit us on the day.
“Tansu Gen Main Store” Outlet Sale:
“Dressing Day” Commemorative Twitter Campaign
10 people will receive a reclining legless chair by lottery. From October 1st (Sat) to 4th (Tue), Tansu no Gen’s official Twitter is holding a gift campaign that you can participate in with “RT & Like” every day as a “Tansu Day” campaign.
On October 4th (Tuesday) “Tansu Day”, in addition to the campaign on Twitter, 10 low-resilience reclining legless chairs will be available for customers who have installed the “Tansu no Gen Main Store App”. We will carry out a W campaign for you. For more information, please refer to Tansu no Gen’s official Twitter account.
Tansu no Gen Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/tansu_no_gen [Image 8d39747-84-7751ca8cf4d074acb2a3-7.jpg&s3=39747-84-b5096795cad93a31c234c8e591ab2bc9-1200x675.jpg
Please take this opportunity to check out Tansu no Gen’s official store and official SNS.
*The information in this release is current as of October 3, 2022. The posted content is subject to change or cancellation without notice. Thank you for your understanding.
“Tansu Gen Main Store”: https://www.tansu-gen.jp
“Tansu Day” sale event information:

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