Tatsuki Machida is in charge of lectures and guidance, and the long-awaited DVD version of the distribution workshop that attracted a lot of attention!

Shinshokan Ballet/Figure Division
Tatsuki Machida is in charge of lectures and guidance, and the long-awaited DVD version of the distribution workshop that attracted a lot of attention!
DVD “Tatsuki Machida Introductory Ballet for Figure Skaters” released today!
Shinshokan Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Kazuo Miura, head office Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Shinshokan) presents a DVD ” Tatsuki Machida: Introduction to Ballet for Figure Skaters” will be on sale.
■ By Tatsuki Machida (Assistant Professor at Kokugakuin University) The long-awaited DVD version of the first on-demand distribution workshop in the world of figure skating!
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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in the summer of 2020, Tatsuki Machida wondered, “Isn’t there anything we can do for skaters?” “Introduction to Ballet – For Mastery of Expression -” (September-October 2020) was held.
After building a glorious career as a figure skater, including fifth place at the Sochi Olympics and second place at the world
championships, Mr. Machida went on to become a researcher. I am currently teaching dance at a university.
Under the guidance of Mr. Machida, four skaters participated in the workshop, where they practiced ballet techniques that can be applied to figure skating in the studio, and challenged Chopin’s “Farewell Song” choreographed by Mr. Machida at the skating rink. , received a great response. In response to the enthusiastic requests of many customers, we have re-edited all the recordings and put them on DVD, which is now on sale.
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[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg6xa5V3j3E]

■ 3 hours of surging waves full of hints to think about “what is expression?” Part 1 Lecture Part 2 Studio Workshop Part 3 Ice Workshop
In this DVD, we will learn the basics of ballet in a workshop format while considering the relationship between figure skating and ballet from various angles. It consists of a total of three parts, the first part of the lecture, the second part of the studio workshop, and the third part of the ice workshop. Akane Seo, Sei Matsumura, and Yuka Nagai will participate in the studio and ice workshop. , and Toha Seino, four skaters will participate. Ms. Machida gave a step-by-step explanation of the ballet knowledge that figure skaters should learn, and at the end, four skaters performed on the ice a figure skating work “Farewell Song” (performed by Zvi Eretsu) that Mr. Machida choreographed. will perform jointly. This DVD is not only for figure skaters, but also for those who want to learn the basics of ballet. [Image 3

■As a bonus video, Tatsuki Machida will include a newly shot video of Chopin’s “Farewell Song” dancing on the ice!
As a bonus of this DVD, a newly shot video of “Farewell Song” performed by Tatsuki Machida is recorded. Since retiring from professional figure skating in October 2018, Mr. Machida, who has never performed a performance, performed on the ice specially for this DVD. In February 2022, Mr. Machida rented the stage of Prince Ice World and dressed himself in a new costume under beautifully crafted lighting. Please enjoy the completed video work “Farewell Song” under the supervision of Atelier Term.
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■ As a special project to commemorate the release of the DVD, it was targeted at purchasers
“Ballet workshop for ‘super’ beginners” will be held in December in Tokyo and Osaka!
For those who have purchased the DVD, Tatsuki Machida will hold a “super” ballet workshop for beginners” in Tokyo and Osaka. For details on how to apply, please refer to the DVD enclosed guide. (In the case of a large number of applicants, a lottery will be held.)
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【event date】
December 3 (Sat) Tokyo
December 10th (Sat) Osaka
【Application period】
October 25th (Tuesday) 10:00 – November 10th (Thursday) 13:00 [participation fee]
Participation: 4,000 yen Observation: 4,500 yen
◆ DVD product information
DVD “Tatsuki Machida Introductory Ballet for Figure Skaters” October 25, 2022 DVD release
◆ Lectures, guidance, and demonstrations
Tatsuki Machida (Assistant Professor, Kokugakuin University) ◆Workshop performance
Akane Seo, Sei Matsumura, Yuka Nagai, Momoba Kiyose
◆ Recorded contents
PART 1 Lecture by Tatsuki Machida “For Mastery of Expression” PART2 Ballet Studio Workshop
PART 3 Ice workshop (four co-stars and model performance by Tatsuki Machida) ◆Bonus video
Tatsuki Machida self-choreographed figure skating work “Farewell Song” ◆Package contents
◎ DVD 2 disc set
(DISC1: 154 minutes of the main story; DISC2: 45 minutes of the main story + 6 minutes of bonus)
◎ Special booklet
 DVD DD22-0902/price 12,100 yen (tax included)
Release: Shinshokan
Supervision: Atelier t.e.r.m
Cooperation: Prince Ice World
Photography and editing: Kiyoyuki Kato
Shoes provided by: Chacott
Music provided by: Zvi Eretsu, Shino Takizawa
Photo: Manabu Takahashi, World Figure Skating/Shinshokan
■ Tatsuki Machida
Sports science researcher, figure skating choreographer. Currently an assistant professor at the Faculty of Human Development, Kokugakuin University.
Obtained doctorate (Sports Science) in March 2020. Specializes in sports and arts management, physical art theory,
Intellectual Property Law. Once active as a figure skating competitor, he finished fifth at the 2014 Sochi Olympics and was second in the world championships in the same year. After retiring from competition, while working as a researcher, he is working hard to create works as a figure skating choreographer. Since 2015, he has been studying ballet under Naoki Takagishi, and is also teaching dance at universities. supervision
■Atelier t.e.r.m
An anonymous group of creators who have supported Tatsuki Machida’s competitive and artistic activities from the final stage of his competitive days to the present. It is composed of multiple
researchers and artists living in Japan, and Machida is one of the members. Based on the belief that “figure skating is a comprehensive art,” he is involved in the overall production of figure skating programs.
■ Request:
◎ Atelier Term official merchandise mail order site
◎Ballet Shop Fairy
5-minute walk from Omotesando Station, Tokyo 5-50-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tel: 03-3499-5541
11:00-19:00 (closed on Wednesdays, open on public holidays)
◎Shinshokan Product Introduction
Related information
■ New goods from Atelier Term commemorating the release of the DVD are also available!
For the new official goods of Atelier t.e.r.m, an anonymous creator group that has supported Tatsuki Machida’s activities,
New items such as T-shirts and towels are available!
-At rear team, exhilarating T-shirt
[Image 6d47249-22-002789b9ccddc8e9a078-8.jpg&s3=47249-22-c0ff1aad3296ec14b061dd3f31c0e62b-1458x2000.jpg
-At rear arm, fluffy towel
[Image 7d47249-22-78426e1d829f086590ba-5.jpg&s3=47249-22-ee5ff1fed16bfa9e863d8e11245765f1-1697x1500.jpg
-At rear arm, all-purpose wheat purse
[Image 8d47249-22-ea5b43d628ff80d97f2f-7.jpg&s3=47249-22-f503e78f920a8854762cd365d7c6c2c8-1991x2000.jpg
●Tatsuki dances Chopin (clear file)
[Image 9d47249-22-eb2e5f46e1ad72b86d13-6.jpg&s3=47249-22-da0e65d1b1d9eb60e038508c1180b0b9-1420x2000.jpg
◎ Online shop https://www.fairynet.co.jp/tatsukimachida/
◎ Over-the-counter sales: Ballet Shop Fairy, 5 minutes’ walk from Omotesando Station in Tokyo
11:00-19:00 (closed on Wednesdays, open on public holidays)
5-50-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Telephone: 03-3499-5541
■ Publisher information
◎ Company name: Shinshokan Co., Ltd.
◎Representative: Representative Director Kazuo Miura
◎ Location: 2-19-18 Nishikata, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0024
◎Established: June 14, 1961
◎ Business: Publishing and sales of books, magazines, comics, DVDs and CDs ◎ Official website: https://www.shinshokan.co.jp/

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