Team Cross FA Corporate Plan Appears in “Business University -ESSENCE-“

Team Cross FA
Corporate plan appears in “Business University -ESSENCE-”
Former Keyence Top Sales direct! Online school where you can learn the essence of sales

FA Products Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo CEO President: Yoshikazu Kida (hereafter referred to as our company) is a corporation of the online school “Sales University -ESSENCE-” where you can learn the essential methods and minds of sales, where former Keyence’s top salesman and chairman of the company Shinya Amano serves as president. Start offering plans.
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“Business University -ESSENCE-” corporate plan overview
The “Business University -ESSENCE-” corporate plan provides lecture videos that cover the essential methods and ways of thinking to raise the level of “sales power”. Content that logically and systematically organizes sales, which tend to be explained abstractly, and conveys the essence of necessary ideas and skills, is always available for unlimited learning. Please use it according to various purposes such as training for new graduates and reskilling of employees.
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Prerequisite basics / First-time communication techniques / Tele appointments / Negotiation techniques / Information tactics / Fan creation techniques / Special lecture “Finance for sales”
* Content will be expanded in the future.
-Usage fee-
SME plan (up to 300 people): ¥50,000 (¥55,000 including tax)/month Large company plan (from 301 people): ¥100,000 (¥110,000 including tax)/month ▼ About contract
Please apply in units of 6 months.
Small business plan (6 months): ¥300,000 (¥330,000 including tax) Large company plan (6 months): ¥600,000 (¥660,000 including tax) * The definition of a large company stipulated in the Small and Medium Enterprise Basic Law varies depending on the industry, number of employees, and capital, but the fee for this plan is set based on “300 employees”.
▼ About payment
With an advance payment system, payment will be made in the previous month and use will start from the 1st of the following month. We will send you an invoice for the renewal in the month before the month in which the contract expiration date belongs. You can continue using the service by paying the usage fee for the next six months by the date of contract expiration.
▼Continued use of the service
During the effective period of this plan, it is not possible to cancel this plan in the middle. If you do not wish to continue using this plan, please contact us by the 20th of the month before the month in which the contract expiration date belongs. Unless you notify us by the 20th of the month two months prior to the month in which the contract expires that you will not be extending the contract, the contract will be extended and the effective period of the contract after the extension will be 6 months (fees apply). , the same shall apply hereafter.
▼About using this service
This service is operated using Google Drive. Please prepare Google accounts for all employees when using this service.
Background of establishment of corporate plan
“Sales University -ESSENCE-” is an online school where you can learn the essence of sales and business by Shinya Amano, a former Keyence top salesperson who was called “Legendary Sales”. We will teach Amano’s unique methods and ways of thinking that he has built during his time at Keyence, the sales and marketing consulting days of each company, and up to the present.
In Japan, there are a large number of sales people, and according to one theory, more than half of liberal arts university graduates go on to work in sales. A sales job is indispensable for getting more people and companies to use all kinds of products and services, and it can be said that it is a job that is needed by society.
Despite the fact that it is such an important occupation and many people are engaged in it, the academic discipline of “sales” has not been established. There are many lectures on sales pitches and marketing, but I don’t think there is a place like “university lectures” where you can systematically learn the essential methods and ways of thinking required for sales. In addition, there are many people in sales positions who feel that the work of sales is difficult because they are chased by “quota”.
Therefore, “Business University – ESSENCE” logically and
systematically organizes the profession of “sales”, which tends to be expressed abstractly, and conveys the essence of the necessary ideas and skills, as well as opportunities to improve skills. , I wanted to provide an opportunity to see the work of sales as “fun” in a positive way.
In the corporate plan, we received many requests such as “I want to use Amano’s original method and way of thinking in training” and “I want to spread it as a company culture”. Please use it to raise the level of your company’s “sales force”.
Profile of Shinya Amano
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Joined Keyence in 1992 as a first-year graduate. Engaged in proposals for sensors and cameras related to factory automation, ranked first in the sales ranking within the same company in the first year of joining the company, and achieved a top ranking even after the second year after joining the company. Selected as the first leader of overseas sales and key customer projects under direct control. During the period until the company grows from several tens of billions of yen in sales to a company with 200 billion yen in sales, we will lead the front line as sales.
Founded in 2010 based on the experience of seeing production sites in all industries, such as automobiles, food, and semiconductors, and the track record of successfully leading new factory projects, including those overseas, with customers.
After being in charge of sales and sales support/consulting for dozens of manufacturers, including companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, he currently serves as a representative of FA Products and several other companies, and comprehensively covers everything from DX in the manufacturing industry to the development and implementation of production lines. In the consortium “Team Cross FA” that supports the company, he serves as a flagship as a production manager.
 In addition, the YouTube channel “AMANO SCOPE” and the DMM online salon “Business University -ESSENCE-” are disseminating know-how for sales.
-Individuals-Business University -ESSENCE-
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Business College -ESSENCE- is an online school where you can “learn the essence of business” based on sales methods and concepts uniquely constructed by Shinya Amano, who is known as “Keyence’s Legendary Sales”.
In addition to lecture videos by Amano and other leading companies with a well-established sales force, we also offer content that updates your sales force, such as consultation meetings where you can receive direct advice and rope play, for 580 yen per month.
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Shin/sales force
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Instead of focusing on the “interpersonal negotiation ability” that has traditionally been emphasized in sales, we define sales ability that transcends time as “thin sales ability.” It is a “sales textbook” packed with the secrets of becoming a “salesman who is chosen by customers even if you do not do business” = “a salesman who does not do business”.
Introduces unique methods such as “observational eyes” and “strategic eyes” that are necessary to become “sales without sales”, and “information strategy” that sets you apart from your competitors. In addition, it is full of methods that can be implemented from tomorrow, such as preparation and flow for business negotiations, and how to break through difficult situations that anyone in sales faces. [Book information]
Title: “Shin Sales Power”
List price: 1,628 yen (main unit 1,480 yen + tax)
Publisher: Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd.
Now on sale at bookstores nationwide
Click here to purchase online
FA Products
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Representatives: Chairman and Representative Director Shinya Amano, President and Representative Director Yoshikazu Kida
Location: Shinbashi Annex 2F, 5-35-10 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Capital: 87.5 million yen (capital surplus 677.5 million yen) URL:
Business: Planning, development, and provision of smart factory construction support services and smart energy introduction support services

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