Team Joy Co., Ltd. Anticipating the age of Asia in video too! This fall, BS12 Twelve will be launching “IQI Hour”, which continuously broadcasts selected dramas from iQIYI, Asia’s largest video distribution platform!

Team Joy Co., Ltd.
Anticipating the “Age of Asia”! This fall, BS12 Twelve will be launching “IQI Hour”, which continuously broadcasts selected dramas from iQIYI, Asia’s largest video distribution platform!

Team Joy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Shirokane) is pleased to announce that iQIYI, one of Asia’s largest video distribution platforms, will be launched nationwide as a prelude to full-scale operation in Japan. Broadcasting BS12 Twelve (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Naoki Suma) will set up a broadcast slot “Aichi E Hour” and deliver a serial drama for two consecutive nights. As the first step, the mystery work “Golden Eye-Golden Eye-” (56 episodes in total) will be broadcast from November 3 (Thursday) on the stage of Asian countries.
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“Aichi E Hour,” which broadcasts attractive dramas from Asian countries A new Asian video content broadcast frame jointly developed by BS12 Twelve and TeamJoy Co., Ltd. to convey the appeal of Asian video content toward the full-scale operation of iQIYI in Japan. BS12 Twelve is still broadcasting many popular Asian dramas, including South Korea and China, but with this initiative, we will select and air attractive dramas from each country from the iQIYI lineup. By doing so, we aim to expand the number of Asian drama fans.
[Aichi E Hour Broadcast Time]
Every Thursday and Friday 2:30-3:30 midnight
Full story (Chinese and Japanese subtitles)
About the first work “Golden Eye -Golden Eye-”
Japan’s first broadcast work. A mystery about a hero with a special ability going around Asian countries
The stage moves from Beijing to various parts of China, Ukraine, Myanmar, and episodes, and the events unfold continuously in stages such as antique markets, jade auctions, masquerade balls, and underground tombs. It is drawn with a light touch and a good tempo, but the mastermind is unknown until the very end.
The starring is the Korean idol group EXO member / Ray, who has multiple faces such as singer, actor, dancer, singer-songwriter, and Zhang Yixing (Zhang Yixing). Young actress Wang Zhuxuan, popular with both men and women
(Wang Zixuan). Keep an eye on other gorgeous casts.
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One night, a pawn shop in Beijing is robbed, and an eye-shaped boulder called “Eye Eye” in a glass case breaks and pierces the eye of a pawn shop clerk, Juan Rui, who was there. Since then, his eyes have a mysterious power. Then, he becomes acquainted with Chin Xienbin, the daughter of a major jewelry company. Meanwhile, Detective Miyao is investigating a series of ancient underground tomb robberies. After discovering some bargains at the antique market, Louis has been attracting attention for better or worse. What kind of thing is the “ball eye” that everyone desperately wants? What is the identity of the “mastermind” behind the series of incidents? Coming to the end of complex human patterns and desires.
Role: Cast
Zhuang Rui: Zhang Yixing (EXO Ray)
Miao Fei Fei: Wang Zixuan
Huang Fu Yun as Wang Yue Xin
Da Shu: Li Lichun
Broadcast schedule
November 3 (Thursday) Broadcast Start-Japan First Broadcast- Every Thursday and Friday 2:30-3:30 (56 episodes/Chinese and Japanese subtitles) BS12 Twelve
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A 24-hour free nationwide BS broadcasting station wholly owned by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. We send high-quality entertainment programs such as sports broadcasts and adult hobby education in a comprehensive program. The viewing method is the BS + 12 button or the 3-digit number 222 channels.
Team Joy Co., Ltd.

[Image 4d100251-4-10d03db6f192a83b4735-6.png&s3=100251-4-aacb6a947060ce5d2aaa55605e1d9619-446x181.png

Established in 2019 with the aim of becoming the No. 1 video content production company that connects Japan with China and other Asian countries. The Chinese animation movies such as “Rakugoku Senki” co-distributed with Aniplex and “White Snake: Engi” co-distributed with Bushiroad have been a success and attracted attention. Earlier this year, Bushiroad, Tom’s Entertainment, and other leading animation-related companies in Japan announced investments. In addition to iQIYI’s project, many other projects are underway, such as the character development of the anime “Mini Beans” in collaboration with Fuji TV, and the production of a live-action film based on the Chinese blockbuster novel “Bad Boys”. is.

[Image 5d100251-4-39b7cadbb11464a39e8b-2.png&s3=100251-4-9494a5d5ca0f2ec61e689558c54c922d-321x321.png
Asia’s largest video distribution platform.
While the service is based in mainland China, it is developing services in Asian countries as an international version from Singapore. Including “Super Power Team ~ Our Strange Youth~” starring Wang Yibo (Wang Yibo), which is very popular in Japan, Yu Shuxing (Yu Shuxin), Wang Hodi (Wang Hedi) starring Hua-Ryu fantasy “Soranjin”, New and powerful contents that can only be seen here are released every month, such as Thai handsome men’s romantic drama “Gen Y The Series”. iQIYI Japan is currently pre-opening. We aim to add 50 titles (about 40 episodes each) by the end of the year and aim for a full-scale launch within the year.
Catch copy is “The era is Asia”

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